After install win-me ,, win-xp dissappeared?

hi all …

I have WIN-XP on my HDD , D partition

and i ve install WIN-ME on C partition , after that

windows xp dissappeared ???

i mean the folders of windows still in d partition but

it doesnt appear in the boot screen ???

how could i back it again ???

Use your WIN XP repair disk (I know you must have one) and boot with it and repair MBR.
You have to install Operating Systems in a specific order to avoid this.

Create another primary C partition in additition to the existing WXP C primary partition. Set this new partition active. Note that this partition willl be a FAT32 partition. Install WME. Now install the boot loader program like BootMagic to dual boot.

WME stinks. Go with W98 if you must use W9.x.

If you review his post, he has WINXP installed on the D partition, and WINME on the C. Repairing the MBR is the easiest way to resolve this problem. Then edit the boot.ini to include the C partition. Problem solved, no reloading.


could u give more details…

See my original reply above. The boot.ini file is located in the root of your C Drive and looks something like this: (This is mine, and yours will be different)

[boot loader]
[operating systems]
multi(0)disk(0)rdisk(0)partition(1)\WINNT=“Microsoft Windows 2000 Professional_1” /fastdetect
multi(0)disk(0)rdisk(1)partition(1)\WINNT=“Microsoft Windows 2000 Professional_2” /fastdetect

You have to repair the MBR with your WINXP repair disk and then edit the boot.ini file. Repair the MBR and check back in here for further instructions.

Also check Bios is set to boot to OS2


Asus bios has in the boot section a selection to boot to Operating System 2

I believe that is OS2 as in IBM OS2, not operating system 2. Read your Motherboard manual and look in the BIOS section.

I had windows Me and XP installed and had trouble booting, so I set this to OS2 and hit F8 after the boot logo and it gave me a selection of which system to boot to. Could be wrong I have been many times before!!

F8 will give you boot options by default. Boot to OS2 is as I described above. I thought I was wrong once, but I was mistaken.

That is good to know! Do you happen to know the correct Dos prompt for repairng the dreaded "windows/system32/ config/system32. miising or corrupted as I just got it on one of my hard drives. I know recovery counsole can do it but if your command is incorrect you could be there all day. Windows XP pro

You’re stuck with the recovery console unless you happen to have the repair info available on a different drive. That’s why I have 2 instances of WIN2K installed on each of my machines. I can then boot into the functioning one and copy the files over to the non functioning one. Also I back up my system files every night. Takes about 30 seconds.

Nice haiku! :slight_smile:

Here is your solution:

Now why did you install WinME when you already had XP running? Any reasons for using ME that XP couldn’t do?

I had to register instead of just being a lurker because I felt so strongly about this replying to this one. A person who wants to run antique, but sophisticated DOS software, from companies that MS has driven out of business, would want to run something other that XP, which doesn’t support all DOS programs. My question is why does the initiator of this string want to run XP. Why not just replace it?

I think that this might be windows xp’s multi boot capability rather than something on the motherboard. I can go into that same screen where it asks you which os to boot and I am running an abit nf7-s motherboard, not an asus. Though I cannot remember the exact details, at one time when I was trying to work out some problems on my computer and wound up with seperate winxp installs on two drives. It would let me boot either on this screen.
Does anybody know more about this? I would really like to run xp and 98 in this manner (for games that will not play under xp, even with compatibility wizard etc). I have another computer I could use but I’m already running two computers on a kvm switch and do not want to buy a kvm switch that can handle several computers as they are very expensive.

The BEST way to multi-boot is to set up several C primary partitions. You can use either FAT32 or NTFS. Each OS will reside in its own C primary partition. When you reboot, the boot loader (I use bootmagic in PartitionMagic 5/7) will set ONE of the primary partition ACTIVE and boot to that partition. The other OSes will not be visible since ONLY ONE primary partition can be active at a given point in time.

You can add an unlimited number of EXTENDED logical partitions AFTER the C primary partitions. If you format this partition as FAT32, then W9.x and WNT will be able to read and write to this partition.

I have used boot magic in the past (older version) but thier was a limitation (you couldn’t boot from anywhere but a small section of the c drive). Because of this the boot partitions had to be kind of small. You couldn’t just split the drive into two equal partitions for the two os’s. Is this still the case with boot magic?