After I burn the DVD... problems arise

EDIT: = MY OTHER COMPUTERS NERO ver, It burns correclty all xVid’s = THE one im having the problem on (MAkes all vids LAggy)

Ok heres the sinerio, I have nero 7 ultra ENHANCED. LG DVD dL+ burner.

Now i have avi’s (Xvids) of movies then I put them into nero vision they are all in sync and fine, now after it’s burnt the VIDEO is laggy and the audio is way a head its like it comes out of sync? i have burnt lot’s of dvds this way and they all come out perfect. I have the same nero up on my (Other) computer and it burns titles fine.

I have a PENTIUM D processor at 2.8GHZ.

i tried this on 4 diffrent movies same outcome, even tried diffrent blank meida same outcome… everytime its doen burning i go and test it in diffrent dvd’ players and video is Laggy + Sound is way ahead.

IT’s a new computer maybe im missing some DLL’s? All my nero products are upto-date.

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If you are trying to copy a dvd that comes out Video & Audio not being in sync try to use DVD Shrink to rip the DVD Video in your hard drive then burn it with “Nero Burning ROM”, hope this resolves your problem.

Uhh No these are AVI’ files… (xVid) not trying to copy a DVD



I have the same exact problem. Use nero 7 to convert an AVI to a dvd. Most of the time its fine but about 1/4 of the time the audio is out of sync on the dvd. Been trying to google the problem but not coming up with much. Anyone know why this happens?

Me too, same problem, started with the latest update to Nero 7 with avi files

Then try to revert to the previous version of Nero to see if the problem resolved if yes you have faulty version of Nero7751.