After high quality MCC media

After testing MCC dye RW discs on my Liteon, I think that MCC DVD+R media will work well for me.
The problem seems to be in getting a brand of disc that will always be MCC.
Verbratium are the main choice for this dye, but as I understand it they can also use other dye’s.
Mitsubishi branded DVD’s don’t appear to be sold in UK (if you know better please tell me).
So Does anyone know what brand name Mitsubishi trade under in UK?
My TDK’s DVD+R use TDK dye (anyone know for a cheap source of these in UK?) and would be ok for me, but cost £1.20 per disc.
Philips use there own dye (again expensive)

I want to use MCC as they appear to be more compatible with different brands of DVD recorders, and as I use both a Liteon & NEC drive (also work well in Pioneer drives) this is a big plus.
Thanks for any help.

Verbatim DataLifePlus always use MCC/MKM dye as far as I can tell from reports in this forum.

Verbatim DataLife discs (not Plus) are usually produced by somebody else.
Verbatim Pastel discs are produced by Taiyo Yuden.

The batch of Verbatim DataLifePlus DVD+RW 4x media I have used (MKM A02) are not as good as some Fujifilm DVD+RW (RICOHJPN W11) discs I used, at least not on a LiteOn LDW-851S@832S, a NEC ND-3500AG and a Plextor PX-712A burner. You might consider using RICOH produced DVD+RW 4x media instead of the Verbatims.

Oh, and one more thing: Just because your buner likes a certain brand of DVD+RW discs doesn’t necessarily imply that it will like DVD-RW, DVD+R or DVD-R discs from the same manufacturer.

Here are some scans (Note: the Fujifilm scan shows 388 errors, but there are in fact no errors on the disc - the errors are falsely reported at the very end of the disc because the scan went past the area that had actually been written):

The difference in PIE/PIF error rates are similar for these discs written on the NEC and Plextor burners mentioned above (scans not included).

DrageMester thanks for your reply, I take on board your comment regarding good RW results = good +R results. looking at the Mitsubishi DVD+R media test posts (all Verbatim) they seem to work well on the Pioneer,NEC & Liteon drives.
I think for testing I will risk a small pack of Verbatim although really I want to order 100 discs. Therefore the need to know I will get MCC and not say CMC (total rubbish for me).
May well end up buying Taiyo Yuden as you can get them in large spindles easier then major branded media.
Have posted Verbatim DVD-RW results for comparison.
Top graph is NEC:
2nd graph Pioneer 106:
Last graph is 812S Liteon:

All Verbatim branded media will use MCC dye, but not all is made by MCC. The DataLifePlus designation means nothing with DVD’s, you can find the same mix of media in any of the packages. The DataLifePlus designation might give you a slight edge in terms of quality control, but I wouldn’t bet on it.
I would caution about assuming that all MCC media will work well for you in all your drives. Media compatability and quality can vary greatly from batch to batch and maker to maker.

TY is still the best option for compatability and quality control, MCC is in the top 5 somewhere.

Unfortunately not all Verbatim-branded CD-R media uses MCC dye. There are spindles out there with CMC and Moser Baer ATIPs (they don’t say Datalife or anything, just Verbatim). Meanwhile the Verbatim Datalifeplus spindles that specifically mention “Super AZO” seem to be MIA in the USA these days :frowning:

After a search on Mitsubishi’s web site it would apear that Verbatim is a Mitsubishi company. It seems odd then, that they use other drands dye’s.
I have sent an e-mail asking for more information and will post the reply (if I get one).

I got some Teon 8X DVD+ from Staples which are MCC003 and burn great @ 12X on my NEC3500AG with LDv2Beta3 Firmware.

Got a reply from Mitsubishi.

"you will find Mitsubishi discs branded Verbatim.

We are a 100% Mitsubishi subsidiary. As such Mitsubishi discs are exclusively branded “Verbatim” outside of Japan.

For further info please see our website

Best regards,

Torsten Leye
DVD Produktmanager
Frankfurter Str. 63 - 69
D - 65760 Eschborn

See our website"

So there you have it.
Guess i’ll try some now and hope for the best