After FW flashing, my 812S seems to be dead

Hello :slight_smile:

Here is the story.

I have bought a lite-on 812s and experimented a lot of difficulties to use it successfully under Linux. It seems that buffer underruns occur excessively. After trying various OS and softwares tweaks without result, I decided to give a try with a newer firmware than the one provided with the drive (US05).

Here are the firmware and tools I have used:
-mtkflash.exe 1.80.1 (

Because I don’t have any windows partitions on my system, I did the following steps:

-boot on a emulated winxp (vmware linux) to extract US0N.BIN from US0N.EXE with xflashx-2.2.1

-copy mtkflash.exe (1.80.1) and US0N.BIN on a floppy

-boot the real computer from a win98se boot floppy without cdrom support

-remove the win98 boot floppy and put the floppy with mtkflash and US0N.BIN

-MTKFLASH.EXE 4 W US0N.BIN (slave on secondary ide)

I have waited until the erasing/flashing procedure was over and the message “please reboot computer” was displayed.

Since, the drive seems to be dead: no led activity when power on, eject button doesn’t work anymore, Bios doesn’t detect it anymore…

I know I should backup the original firmware first, but I didn’t :slight_smile:
I have try various 812S firmwares in binary format found on The erasing/flashing procedure did its job, but no results.

What can I do ?

Since your drive was originally a 812S, you could have directly ran the US0N flasher that you downloaded without doing the extraction and mtkflash process.

We’ve been hearing some reports from other people about problems with mtkflash…

Have you tried this recovery with 1.80.0? (note that you will require the /b flag if you use this version)

dhc014 has also been known to suggest trying the recovery in a different computer. Dunno if that’d help, since I’m not a mtkflash expert (he is), but it’s something that might be worth trying.

Let us know if these suggestions work.

Thanks for your reply :slight_smile:

I hadn’t directly ran the US0N flasher cause I thought it was a win executable (and I dont have any win system installed).

I have solved the trouble 5 minutes ago with mtkflash, UTS0N.BIN extracted from UTS0N.EXE then handly patched with ep_fw_patcher-1.0.1.

First attempt with command line:
problem not solved :frowning:

Second attempt with command line:
problem solved :slight_smile:

So I think but I’m not sure (I should had try /M with unpatched US0N.BIN) that it’s more because of the change in command line syntax than of the patch that it has been solved.

Thanks for the followup. :slight_smile: Actually, I just got an e-mail just a few minutes ago from someone else who also had problems and who reported that /M helped.

(re: Windows… oops… I missed that part about emulation in your first post :o)

Yes, I always forget to recommend the /m option. Perhaps I should add that suggestion to my page.

The /m option instructs mtkflash to read/write multiple banks. It usually doesn’t need to be told to do so when the file that you’re using is large enough for all banks. /m can be used in all cases when you are flashing with a single file, but should not be used when the firmware is split up into multiple files.

i have same problem…
i have lg 12x cdrw…CED-8120B…
i boot from dos…and setup exe file from lg web site…but wrong model !!!..anyway…my cdrw is dead now…no light on…
i want to try mtkflash…but i have NO bin file…!!!
what can i do???

last question…how much time get for use mtkflash in dos???
i use mtkflash with another LG bin file…maybe light come back…but i wait 30 min…but nothing !!!

is my cdrw dead ??!?!?

Are .LGE files equivalent to .BIN files? If so, then I suppose you could just download the 2.00 firmware from LG and use the .LGE file in that package…

if YES…
when i use mtkflash…must i rename *.LGE to *.bin

The CED-8120B is not compatible with mtkflash. The file extension is not important.

ooo my god :(((

so what can i do now?? is my cdrw really dead??
can i use exe file from LG web site?? but in dos mode…i cant see cdrw…
i tried this:
i put cdrom primary master…then boot from A…and start exe file from LG web site…then firmware program find cdrom for update firmware…BUT at that time…i put out cdrom and i put cdrw in primary master…then i said “yes” for firmware update…but nothing happened…i waited 30 min…no cpu activated…but pc did not crash…

Oops. :o


Based on the fact that the LG updater requires that MSCDEX be used, my guess is that, unlike MtkFlash, it can’t do a blind flash to a port, so it looks like your drive is indeed dead. Given CD-RW prices these days, you could get a replacement 52x CD-RW drive for a fairly low price…

which model do you prefer???

LiteOn (SOHR-5238S) $27.99.

But if you are already spending $30.00 you might want to look at getting a DVD Burner, they burns CD’s and DVD’s.

The LiteOn SOHW-812S is only $81.99.
Or the NEC 2500A is only $69.99.