After flashing Pio A06 can't read anything?

Hello a friend of mine gave me a Pioneer A)^ that he had never used before. It worked fine but yesterday i decided to upgrade it to the latest firmware .08 i think. After that point the drive is recognised in my computer but it can’t read anything. When i enter a disc it tries to but never manages? Is there a solution to that? Thank you

Uninstall the drive and reboot. After that the drive should be recognized correctly.

I have already done that but nothing. What do you mean uninstall? I you mean disconnect i have already done that but with no result.

I mean you go to the device manager, take properties, and under the driver tab you click uninstall driver… then reboot.

Uninstall the IDE channel that its on and reboot and let windows reinstall the IDE channel and is it on 40 or 80 wire IDE cable ?

Its on 80wire cable and i have tried it to different pc’s. I will try to uninstall the ide channel to see whats happenning. :bow:

Okay and good luck