After flashing f/w for banq dw1620 system crashes



I got a new comp. with BenQ DW1620 , or at least I taught so, it turned out it was a clone (and it looks like I/O magic drive). In device manager it showed as ATAPI DVD DD 2x16x4x16. I flashed f/w using WinDWFlash and B7S9.svc. (finally, after a few others) Now it shows as BENQ DVD DD DW1620. But when I try to watch a dvd the comp crashes when it comes to dvd menu. Event viewer says: Event viewer says: The device, \Device\CdRom0, has a bad block.


First, did you restart the computer after flashing the firmware? This must be done! If that was done and I’d assume it was from the get go, I’d try using a .cvt file from B7M9 or B7P9 with Windwflash and flash the firmware again. Restart the computer and let it reautodetect everything and then reflash the drive to B7S9 using either the executable or the .cvt and WinDWFlash.

Now to be sure did you open up the computer and pull the drive out to see the exact model number on that I/O Magic Drive? Considering it said ATAPI DVD DD 2x16x4x16 that sounds like a BenQ to me - that’s what my BenQ Bulk drive said as well - but mine also said 1620 on the drive it self to note that it was an actual BenQ. :slight_smile: Good luck working it out! Also when you flash make sure your anti-virus and anything else running in the background is disabled to ensure a good flash!