After failed firmware update computer not recognising either drives

Hi all,
I am new to this forum and hopefully I am not putting my two feet in wrt the terminology etc
I have a DUAL drw 1008 IB DVDRW which I installed on Friday last. It is connected via an IDE cable to secondary IDE channel/master. I have a Sony CDRW connected on the same cable and this is set to slave. I am running a dell 360 workstation with win xp pro. Everything seemed to be working fine on sat last except I was trying to back up files to the dvd using nero 6. and it just wasn’t working for me. I used the liveupdate program to get a firmware update. the log file message is as follows: Updating drive Model DVDRW-IDE1008 from Ver. 0055 to Ver. 0758. It started to update but then froze. On rebooting my computer it didn’t go into winxp but stopped with a dos screen saying that it didn’t recognise any of the drives. I had a look at both the drvupdate websites and the BTC website and they reger to a flash procedure which I don’t understand. There is also reference to a dos procedure which again I don’t understand because winxp doesn’t have dos. If anyone can help I would appreciate it and am worried that I will have to replace both my drives!!

you can recover the drive in DOS

-download a dos 6.22 bootdisk
-when you have a ntfs partition download NTFSDOS
-make a bootdisk running the boot622.exe; unzip the ntfsdos file to the diskette, if there is not enough space take a new one.
-download the Dangerous Brothers 0758 fw file and mtkflash180.1
-make a new dir on C:
-extrakt the fw and mtkflash in this dir
-if the burner is not recogniced when booting the pc disconnect and connect a other dvd-rom
-reboot your pc with the bootdisk
-change the device
-run ntfsdos.exe (it can be that your c: is located as d:)
-open the directory in which are the fw files (c:\FW or d:\fw when c is located as d)
-flash the drive using the string MTKFLASH X W /M fw.bin
X is a number 1=primary master
2=primary slave
3=secondary master
4=secondary slave

Thanks for that, will try it out and see what happens.

I tried that but it was not successful. Any more ideas?

what exactly was not successfull, the flash?, what error message? dosbooting?

The flash itself was not successful

is your drive recogniced on bootupscreen? when you start the pc

Here’s a link to a recovery bootdisk for the 1008

You can also check out this site that gives you a recovery procedure as well.

[ Failure Recovery]( Failure Recovery)

Good luck :slight_smile:

No it isn’t. However I installed a working DVD drive in it’s place. Booted up the pc using the bootup floppy. The computer recogonised that a drive was in place. I then changed the good DVD drive for the dead one. I loaded up the ntfs off the floppy. I changed directories and found the folder where I had the 0758fwfile (extracted) and the mtkflash180 (extracted). I typed the string MTKFLASH 3 W/M fw.bin and it gave me ‘bad command file’. One thing I am not sure of is the ref to the “1 = primary master, 2 = primary slave etc” I really don’t understand what these mean. I know their layout on the back of the drives but how they are configured beats me. Anyway that’s where I am at presently

I also have a problem with a sony crx216e cd rw which was in the computer when I first tried the firmware update for the dvdrw drive and it is not now responding even when it is installed on it’s own in the computer. The LED at the front stays on continuously. What I don’t understand is how the drvupdate site can be allowed to leave information on it’s servers which causes this much trouble. I have lost 2 days work trying to get this thing sorted out and I don’t particularly want to dump both drives as that shows failure. Can anyone help. Thanks in advance

MTKFLASH 3 W/M rpc1v758.bin (name of the bin file) is the wrong command you have to write
MTKFLASH 3 W /M rpc1v758.bin (name of the bin file)

have you mtk180.1 (downloaded from my link) or a older version of you have a older version the string is MTKFLASH 3 W /B rpc1v758.bin (name of the bin file)

Thanks again for coming back to me. I don’t know what I am doing wrong. I have got to the point where I am writing in the string as directed but it is not accepting it from me. I typed in MTKFLASH^3^W^/M^rpc1v758.bin where the ^ represent spaces. It is telling me “bad command or file name”. Finally I had downloaded the mtk180.1.
What do I do?

sorry it think it was a mistake from my side, i flashed now successful with the following string and mtk180

mtk180 3 w /b rpc1v758.bin
so try to work with mtkflascher 1.80

i hope that it works now


Go into Device Manager and uninstall whatever you see under IDE ATA/ATAPI Controller then restart your comptuer. Put the BTC drive back in and make sure that it was misflashed and not just disabled like the CRX216E is.

If it was misflashed, then follow BTC’s recovery instructions, don’t mess around with other things that you don’t understand and aren’t supported by BTC for now.

ok, dos flashing is maybe not officially supported by BTC but when you contact marco you will get a dos based firmware for the 1008 the rpc1 fw is only the easiest and fastest way.

mtk flasher 1.80 from should work with the mtkflash command and not mtk180.

if this and daves way don´t work, i can send you also the original dos based 0658 fw from btc per mail and you can try this.

Guys, Thanks a million for your time, help and advice. I am tied up at work at the moment but will try it later on. Will let you know how I got on. regards

Hi, I’ve started the update and the screen is showing updating 00%. How long does this take approximately? It has been sitting at 00% for the last 20 minutes. Obviously showing my ignorance here especially if it takes 12-24 hrs to reflash the drive :slight_smile:

this should be done under 1 min :slight_smile:

send me a pm with your mail ad. i´ll send you the btc hex file and mtk180. and i hope that this works!

It is still the same after 2 hours. Do I shut down and start again?

Thank you most sincerely for your help. Tried that again this morning and it worked a treat. You are indeed the man. :bow: :cool: :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

Still have a problem with my cdrw, a sony crx216e. This went down after the failed firmware update which caused all my problems!!. It hasn’t been recognised since. The dvdrw is recognised on it’s own when connected to the computer but when connected with the sony cdrw the computer doesn’t recognise anything. The green LED is on continuously with the CDRW. I don’t really understand what has happened as the firmware was to apply to the dvd burner only. Can anyone help.