After Effects Tinderbox Problem



So, im trying to put together a demo reel of my work and im working on getting the intro video set in AE, BUT, every tinderbox filter i use seems to screw up… ALL IN THE SAME MATTER it just various when it does it… for example, when i try to use the T_SKY filter (which animates a fake scrolling sky) it will suddenly only do the top half of the screen and the bottom will be black regardless of what is under it, or random rays of color will shoot across, or only 1/4 of the layer will filter, or (in the case of the sky filter) the clouds would look like shatter pieces, which i assume is how they make the clouds to begin with, etc… HAS ANYONE ELSE HAD THIS PROBLEM or know of a solution… ive used these filters before from the same disc, but not on this computer… the other thing i noticed is that if i ram preview the effects its there, but if i turn the filter off and on again, it’ll change to a different spot in the layer… thought maybe these were an opengl problem, but got rid of that in AE and it still happens… any help would be great…thanks in advance… 1