After editing install-CD image, not recognized anymore

Hello everybody,

I have 3 installation-CDs for a software and I have edited the image of disc 3 (I have added some text files in the image), than I saved the image on the hard-disk. After that, I burned the images on CDs and tried to install the software, but the CD3 was not recognized by the installation application! I have realized that I saved the edited image under another name (some generic “My disc” name), than I burned that image again, using the correct original name of the CD (I could get the correct name when I mounted the original image of CD3 in a virtual drive). But the problem is, even with the correct CD name, the burned CD will not be recognized! Could somebody give me a hint on that? I have to mention that I can install the software without problems when I mount the images of the 3 CDs in virtual drives.

Thanks in advance for every advice!