After editing a VOB file



Hello. Question, maybe be a bit basic but here goes.

Had a film my friend sent me from the England. I had to convert it from PAL to NTSC to view it. Problem is, the DVD was a copy made from a video tape, and included all the tape hiss, commercials, and other stuff.

This isn’t a problem, as I am not worried about all that. The issue is, due to a bit of bad tape the DVD file has a spot where the tape went all crazy due to the age of the video it was taken from. This means, everytime I run a program to convert it from NTSC to PAL (I have used a few), the scene after the bad spot that was recorded on the tape ends up about half a second off with the audio track.

Now, after multiple attempts to use other software to convert, I thought of editing the VOB files directly. I have the original MPEGs, but due to their size and this machine, editing the MPEGs directly are impossible. I authored a new DVD, split the VOBs into smaller chunks, and got the one I needed in a small 400 meg file which I then used Womble MPEG edit to directly edit the VOB file.

IT worked brilliant. Only problem is now, when I copied the new VOB file back to the VIDEO_TS directory and try to view the DVD, it dies right at the scene where the edited VOB file is. I can view the VOB file fine in various browsers, but everytime I try to view the full DVD in the VIDEO_TS folder, it dies at the point the edited VOB file begins.

So I’m thinking after browsing through all the posts and forums here that I need to re-do the IFO files, and I have IFO edit, but was wondering how I could quickly and easily fix the IFO info, if that indeed is the issue.

Thanks in advance!



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I have no idea about video conversions, but maybe the simplest solution is to get a standalone player able to read both PAL and NTSC video. If I’m not wrong, almost all recent players are able to do this, and there are some really cheap players available in the market :flower:


Since you have one of the Womble programs, perhaps you could try cutting out the bad section before converting?


Yeah do your editing before converting…Try this, rip the disc to your HDD with DVD Decrypter or DVDShrink and save as one large VOB…
Use that one vob to do your editing,then convert to NTSC…