After DRMP, autoplay not working

hey guys, I’m having an annoying problem with a dvd conversion:
I ripped the VOBs from a eng/ita dvd9 with Fab HD, imported the files in DVD Remake Pro and started slimming the disc down.
I removed extras, trailers and dolby digital credits.after that I edited the menus to remove the useless buttons.
until here, all seems to go fine.

but when I export the dvd, load it with shrink to make an ISO and mount it on a virtual drive, window’s autoplay feature does not see the the disc as a DVD and instead of the usual “open with…” menu, I get a new file explorer interface.
there is another thing that I don’t seem to be able to fix: when opening the disc with VLC (file->open disc->DVD (menus)), all I see is a black screen and I have to manually select the navigation options in order to get to the root menu.

what am I doing wrong? :doh:

What version of DVDRMP are you using?

Window’s autoplay feature will recognize the DVD if they’re in the VIDEO_TS folder. Did you export to this folder?

If you don’t modify anything and export, does the output play like the original?

I am using v3.6.3
The dvd structure is still the same but when I mount the image it seems to not be recognized. I am starting to wonder if “Open with…” autoplay only works with real optical drives.

concerning the disc’s behaviour with VLC, the original disc works perfectly (aka starting on the menu) while the exported copy displays a black screen and I have to manually go to the root menu.
I believe something is wrong with first play menus, but I have no idea how to edit them:

if (R[6]!=0) goto line 6
if (R[11]!=R[6]) goto line 5
if (R[11]==R[6]) Jump VTS 21 "root" menu (title 1)
if (R[11] < 1) goto line 1
if (R[11]!=61551) R[11]=0
Jump VTS 21 "root" menu (title 1)

You mount the image via Daemon Tools, not with “Open With”. “Open With” remembers all the last used programs for a certain file extension. This is stored in the registry. If you want to use another program to open, then select “Choose Program…” within the “Open With” context menu.

As I asked in previous post, if you don’t modify anything at all and export, does it play like the original, starting at the menu? It should! If you see a black screen, search this forum for “black screen”, there are several posts regarding this.