After decades of hardly any changes, Microsoft is adding several new features to Notepad

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Windows 10 will get an updated version of Notepad, the basic text editor that comes with Windows by default since Windows 1.0. The new version allows users to zoom text in Notepad, has an improved search and replace feature and supports wrapping of words. The new version is probably the biggest update ever to Notepad.

It took them probably 15 years or so to finally fix the word wrap bug when saving. In the past if text wrapped to a new line, saving the text file would cause that wrapped text to change to hard new lines. I made a terrible mess of HTML files in the past due to this bug when I had to make a quick edit and suddenly the entire HTML file is split up into new lines at every point the text wrapped in Notepad.

One annoying bug that remains is when pasting text and this bug is easily reproducible:

Suppose we have a text file and I decide to type some new text into it. This could be anything from a few words to a full paragraph. In the following example, I start with the first paragraph of this news story and added the line “Here is some extra text that I added to this text file.”:


Let’s paste some text to simulate a mistake. An example would be where Windows did not register the CTRL + C shortcut from the previous copy attempt and thus pastes something that was previously in the clipboard:


Now let’s try undoing this mistake, e.g. Edit menu, then Undo:


Notice the difference between this screen and the screen above before I pasted. What happened to the text I typed in?

Indeed this bug has caught me out many times before where I make some quick changes to a text, try pasting in something only to realise the source text never copied into the clipboard and when I try undoing the paste, it loses what I typed earlier. :disappointed:

Unsurprisingly, I’ve long left Notepad for Notepad++ between this issue, the former line break saving issue and only having a single undo memory.