After Careful research

I have decided to buy a lite-on 40125s burner and mutsui silver 80min cdr media. can anyone tell me if this is a good choice? I am tired of makeing coasters with my HP cd12 and cheap memorex cdr media…

also has anyone noticed a difference with using 74min and 80min cdr media? I have heard some cd players and car stereos have trouble playing back the 80min cdr media…

any help would be much appreciated.

That sounds like a nice combo.

My Sony Discman does not like 80 minute cd-r’s at all. Oddly, it will play 99 minute discs without a problem!

When ever I burn something for the car, it’s 74 minute discs, which are getting hard to find locally.

Well, the choice is simply perfect ! :wink:

I too have had some bitter lessons with Memorex CDRs. No more tears ! :smiley:

As for using 74 min and 80 min CDRs, the is NO major difference between those. However, some ( cheaper) car systems wouldn’t accept 80 min CDRs. But that’s my own subjective point of view.

I haven’t had any bad experience with playing 80 min CDRs on my home system.

I’ll be happy if i’m succeeded to answer your quiz.

Good luck !

Thanks for the info. You have been most helpful!

depends how good you writer is and how fast your burning. faster burning will make the cdr less readable to a cheap player.

experiment and see which speed and media works best for you.:wink: