After burning to DVD the disk is still blank

Hi i have tried to burn movies to dvd, i have used InterVideo WinDVD Creator which came with the computer and Joboshare DVD Creator which i purchased. Both go threw all the usual stuff says it’s burning then that it has burned but there is where my problems start. I put it in my DVD player (i’ve tried 3 differant types, a PS3, another computer as well as my own) and none of them say’s there is anything on the disk. I looked in My Computer and in the DVD Drive (D: Drive ) and that say’s the disk is blank, i am at a loss as to what to do now. :frowning: I got the computer so i could burn my movies to DVD to share with my family over seas. Please can any one please help me. :sad:
Oh also i have AVS Video Convertor and i have tried converting to .avi, .mpeg, dvdvideo, .wmv, and flash, obviously to no affect.

Instead of allowing your software to directly burn to disc, have it create an iso or simply output the created files to a folder. You can then test to ensure the files playback correctly. If they test good, you can then burn with a quality burning app. Use ImgBurn (free).

As for the conversion of your files, use a better app such as ConvertXtoDVD, DVD Flick, or FAVC.