After burning DVD Freezing on Playback

Hello all, I’ve very new at this, so please take it easy with the acronyms…:slight_smile:

Ok. When I burn a DVD in my LG burner, the new burned DVD plays back fine on my PC but when I play it back on a stand alone DVD player it freezes in the middle at about 58 min in. I know your might say its the DVD player, but it freezes at the same point on 5 dvd’s players I’ve tried this movie on.

I ripped this the original DVD in DVDfab.Also is there a way to repair video TS files? So when I burn them I don’t get this freezing?

Thanks in advance for your help

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What is the specific model of LG burner you are using?

What brand of media are you burning to?

What speed are you burning at?

Are you using the latest version of DVDFab?

Hello the the LG burner is a HL-DT-ST-DVD-RAM GH22LP20

I write in NERO 7 at 4X (I getthe same results no matter what speed I write at)

Type of Disc Im writing to is a DVD+R Double Layer 8.5gb (Phillips)

And the DVDfab version is

Hope this helps

Thanks again

Only Verbatim or Taiyo Yuden are recommended for dual-layer DVD’s.
Is your layer break configured correctly? (if not, your stand-alone player will hang up at that point.)
Re-rip as an .iso with DVD Fab & burn the .iso image.
Rebuild the folder with ImgBurn (free download) & let it configure a layer break for you. IF that IS the problem…

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Media would be my bet as well (although burn speed could be another factor). LG drives can also be a little picky (from experience with my own LG drives) if the media quality isn’t top-notch.

So as suggested I’d give Verbatim DL discs a whirl. :slight_smile:

Ok. This is what I’ve tried. I converted VOB files into ImgBurn and re-burned the disc using the .iso file. Still no luck.

I also slowed the burn speed to 4X, still no luck.

So right now I’m going to get Verbatim discs. Hopefully this is the problem.

Again the VOB files play great in PowerDVD. And when I burn the dvd it plays great in my PC. But continues to freeze about half way through on many different stand alone dvd players.

I’ll get the new discs and try that. If theres still a problem I’ll let everyone know.

But till then any other suggestions would be greatly appreciated

Thanks again everyone for your help

Let me be clearer:
When I 1st burned a DL DVD without the layer break (MDS file), it would play fine on my PC, but would hang up at the same point in my stand-alone DVD player. I could hold down the chapter advance button on the DVD remote & force it to skip ahead a little & the movie would resume, but, as stated, a little bit of the movie would be skipped over.
With better media:
IF it is a layer break problem & you are trying to copy the WHOLE DVD (thus the dual layer), Open the source DVD up in DVD Fab, click on the checkmark @ the top right of DVD Fab (settings).
Go to PROTECTION > DVD & uncheck “remove layer break” & click O.K.
Now, back @ DVD Fab’s main window:
To the right of the “Target” drop-down near the top, choose the iso icon, not the folder icon & RERIP the DVD as an iso (disc image). This will copy everything, including the layer break file/info on the source DVD to your hard drive as an iso file.
Then, burn that iso file/image to your blenk DL DVD.

Ok, the problem is fixed. I had to go to like 6 different stores to get them but i bought Verbatim 4.7gig and 8.5gig. I came home updated the firmware for my DVD burner and re-burned the movie I was originally has problems with and everything is a 100% now.

Thank you everyone for all your help.


Nice one, glad it’s all fixed :slight_smile:

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