After burning: CDR(W) looks empty - up to closing caller-application

Hi to everyone!

The problem : CDR(W) looks empty - after NERO-Api burning from application -
up to closing that application.
I make burning (ISO) CDR(W) or DVDR(W) from inside my Application
using Nero API. Burning succeeds - but I can see that ONLY AFTER closing
my Application. BUT - Until my application is closed, CDR(W) after burning
looks like empty, even from Windows Explorer. Interesting, that another
CDR-drive on the same computer, shows any full CD-disks also as empty -
once again UP TO closing my Application.It looks like NERO, after burning,
keeps some system resource, which prevents correct reading inserted CD-disks - if so, what resource? and how can I release that resource programmatically?

Approximate sequence of NERO-API calls was :
NeroAPIGlueConnect, NeroInit, NeroGetAvalaibleDrivesEx, NeroOpenDevice,
NeroBurn, NeroCloseDevice, NeroFreeMem, NeroDone, NeroAPIGlueDone.

I have : Windows XP SP2, Nero Burning ROM ver, Nero API ver. 1.05.

Any possible help is extremely welcome!

I have had similar problems.
The only work around that I have found is to eject and re-insert the DVD, which is pretty bogus IMO.


You can work around his problem by unmounting the volume using Windows SDK. Explorer listens to SHFileChangeNotify stuff so sending a NoMedia message may work.
I haven’t tested this with Nero yet but I soon will as I have the same problem.

PS: I think Nero might actually dismount the volume itself but I am not sure at this moment.

i’m using pioneer dvr-k12ra, i burned rmvb files as dvd data, it’s successfully done, after eject from the dvd rom n i put it back again, the disc info showed no more space inside the disc, but it opened with no file. however, i take this burned dvd to other machine, it works, u can see all files inside, but i just can’t use my own burner to read, please help

The following worked for me:

  1. When calling NeroBurn specify the NBF_DISABLE_EJECT flag
  2. After burning completed do a NeroEjectLoadCD

Hope it helps …

NeroEjectLoadCD funtion to open or close device. If i want to view data after burn finish but don’t need open device. how to do that?