After burning CD in NERO, data not showing up


I recently got my Lite-on 40x drive working again with new IDE controller drivers for my Nforce 2.

Nero is burning a CD successfully, no problems or hiccups, and i see the data clearly written on the bottom of the cd-r.

However, when i put it back in either my dvd drive or that same cd-writer drive, it shows up as a blank cd!

This happens to me as well, I think it might have something to do with switching off the autoplay option as windows has a bit of a problem knowing when a new cd is in when you disable this. To double check it’s there grab a copy of isobuster wich bypasses windows when reading the cd.
Another trick wich I have just found is: in my computer, right click on the cd and select eject, then when it pops out then select close tray. It works for me about 50% of the time.
BTW you can also reboot the computer:(, that allways shows the CD.

@ubers0ldat: what nForce2 board are you using? I’ve read that quite some people, especially with Asus boards, experience all kinds of strange problems with the NV IDE drivers when used for the CD writer’s channel.

I had problems as well, but after disabling auto-insert notification using TweakUI ( and making sure my LiteOn was in Multiword-DMA mode, all my problems were gone.

Did you try to read your written discs in other systems?