After burning a cd my drive won't recognize it

Hi, I burn with Nero and sometimes when I burn a game, the cd won’t even mount on my drive. But if I put it on my other computer it reads fine…this only happens with burned cd’s. I have Windows XP Pro SP1. Thanks for alll the help…


You say that you are burning games. If I assume that you are using Nero to copy games, that usually are copy-protected, there may be a problem here. Do other discs, like standard CDROM discs have similar problems?

Quite strange that the drive doesn’t see the discs anymore, but I am sure that Nero isn’t the right software to backup the games you bought…

It could also be a problem with the cd-writer :confused:

In one of my computers I have a RICOH 7163A that works fine,
but sometimes has problems with reading CD-Rs, even the ones
that have been written with this RICOH 7163A :confused:


I have the same problem too. I burned a bunch of backups of ebooks and now the damned thing won’t read them…what’s going on?

When your back-ups can be read by other drives it’s an issue
with your drive (maybe media compatibility problems) :confused:

But when your back-ups can’t be read by any drive,
it’s most likely an issue with bad media quality :frowning:

What’s the specific drive you have problems with?
And what media did you use for the back-ups?


I’m burning with a Yamaha CRW2100E and burning on to 80 Memorex, Imation and Prime Peripherals cds. My burner, my regular cd rom and the cd rom in my other computer will not read the disks, but the DVD drive in my laptop will…I’ve been making the backups using Nero 5.5 and have WinXP loaded on all three computers. Would using the WinXP burning software work better?