After burn, +RW plays in TV's DVD player but +R doesn't



Hello all,

I am new to burning and DVD backups. I’ve been doing okay, but have ran into a couple problems that I’ve not seen elsewhere or been able to dig up using your Search feature, so decided to break down and ask a couple questions.

First of all, my hardware/software setup is as follows:

Dell Dimension 8300: WinXP Sp1, Pentium 4, 3GHz, 1GB Ram, 80GB HD (58% free space), JLMS DVD-ROM XJ-HD166 (reader/player), NEC DVD+RW, ND-2100AD (writer/burner); running DVDFab Express (and have been loving it!) with Nero 6.6 Suite. I also use DVD Cloner 3 sometimes (prefer Fab… more dependable). I have an Emerson VCR/DVD (-R/-RW) Player/Recorder combo.

I’m using DVD +RW’s and DVD +R’s.

Two problems:

  1. Using Fab, I am backing up from original DVD’s that have multiple “movies” (aka “episodes”, i.e., ‘24’, ‘Gillian’s Island’ and other multi-episode DVD’s). I don’t want all the goop (trailers, special features, etc.), just the episodes. I can’t use “copy movie only” because it only copies one of the 4 episodes onto a blank DVD…. There is unfortunately not a feature that will let me choose (select) more than one “movie” - I can choose a different “movie”, just not multiple “movies”. But you can select different (one, more than one, or all) Audio Streams and Subpictures. Is this something the programmer can change in the next upgrade/version of Fab? I was able to do multiple episode selection in DVD Cloner, but Cloner doesn’t always burn and DVD Fab is much more dependable.

Does anyone know another way of doing this with my current setup?

  1. Until yesterday, I’d been backing up my movies onto new, blank DVD+RW’s. I recently purchased a large volume of DVD+R’s that I was planning to use instead of the RW’s for the episodic backups as outlined in #1 above (less expensive). Using Fab, I successfully burned a “Complete Disc” onto the +R without a problem; however, when I tried to play it in my TV’s DVD player, I get the message on the TV from my DVD player, “DISC ERROR. Please eject the Disc. Playback feature may not be available on this Disc.” The interesting thing is, that this same disc plays just fine in the computer’s DVD player! I then used DVD Cloner to burn it again onto another +R, and using the customized features burned only the episodes (instead of the whole disc). It worked the same way – plays just fine on the TV’s DVD player using the +RW’s, but not on the +R’s; the +R’s will only play on the computers DVD Player. I’ve gone through quite a few +R’s trying to figure this out. I’m stumped. :sad:

So, it appears to me to not be a software (burning) issue, as it happens with both programs. Does anyone have any ideas or suggestions as to what is happening and why?

Any help would be appreciated, thank you!


You may have a picky player; have you tried bitsetting your +Rs to -ROM? I know nothing about this, so hopefully someone else can advise on that.

Out of curiosity, have you tried a different brand of +R? It really sounds like your player is being picky.



What arachne already mentioned could maybe help you , a different media brand and booktype to -ROM. With disc error your player doesn’t like the media, also you can try -R discs.


Looks like that’s the answer to me. You may just have been lucky with the +RWs.


To expand on what Tim is saying, your player prefers -r and -rw media. You just got lucky getting a +RW to play in it. If your burner and firmware allow it, you can bitset your +r’s to -ROM’s, and that should allow them to play in most players. If you need to find out more information about your standalone dvd player, look it up at That should tell you what it’s capabilities are, and the preferred media. I have a $600.00 dvd player, and it will only play +r, and some +rw’s (and -rom). Not even the best -r’s will play in it. It’s just a hardware/firmware thing…


Question one can be solved by using DVD Shrink and instead of copying the entire disk, select the " re-author disk " command at the top of the program , then select the parts of the DVD you wish to keep. Select say item 1 and drag item one to the left pane of the program. when finished dragging items, click on “Back up! " and away it will go.
To answer question 2, my DVD players do not require the DVD RW’s to be finalized after a burn. However, DVD +R’s [U]do[/U] require finalization if they are to be played on any stand alone player. Also they will play on the same computer which burned them without being finalized. Go to the burner programs setup or preference screne and tick the block that says something like " close disk after writing so that nothing else may be written to this disk”.


:bow: Thanx to all for possible solutions. I’ll be giving each one a shot to see which works best.

I appreciate the time each of you took to respond! :bigsmile:



After viewing the feedback to my question, and since I’d already invested so much money into the large quantity of DVD+R’s, I began with what I thought to be the most reasonable (and inexpensive) fix: I purchased a new DVD player for my TV. Just thought I’d let you all know, [B]IT WORKS! [/B] :clap:

I bought a [B]Cyberhome DVD player[/B] (model CH-DVD 300; [I]excellent[/I] little player with a very small footprint) from Best Buy for $35. According to the specs, it is supposed to play DVD -R/-RW, +R/+RW, MP3, JPG, and lots of other stuff. Got it home, hooked it up, stuck in a C.O.S. DVD… it played perfectly; then put in my burned DVD+RW… played perfect also; then (with apprehension) my burned DVD+R. I was SO happy when it fired right off! Plays PERFECT! :bigsmile:

Thanx to each of you who helped. I am today a happier camper because of your prompt and knowledgeable feedback. :bow:


Glad to know this story had a happy ending :bigsmile: