After Backup Copy , Audio Is Softer

The Thing Is I Bought A Lg External Burner, To Use On A Dell Laptop That Has A Dvd-rom On It, So I Use Dvd Fab, Then Burn It With Dvd Shrink, So I Used The Laptops Dvdrom For Reading An Encoding The Dvd, Then Used The Lg External Burner To Burn The Dvd, After That It Finished I Poped It In The Lap Top Dvd Rom And Played The Burnt Dvd, It Was Really Soft On The Laptop, Then I Poped It In A Regular Dvd Player On The Tv, An It Was A Lil Soft But Still Npt As Bad As It Was Playing On The Laptop, I Tried More Dvd Players Around The House And They Were Ok But The Audio Wasnt As Loud(normal) As The Original Dvd Was, But While Playing The Burnt Dvd On The Laptop It Was Abnormally Soft, What Happened?? Did I Not Read Encode It Right ? Or Is It The Laptop Dvd Rom Or What?? I Just Dont Understand…?? , Downstairs I Have A Hp Tower With A Dvd Burner On It, An I Use Dvd Fab An Dvd Shrink On It On Another Dvd, An The Audio Is As Good As The Original, So Is It My Laptop Or External Dvd Burner??? Damnnn Im Puzzel’d … Thanks For Reading, Can Anyone Give Me Tip An Answers???

Welcome to the club.
It would help us to know what settings you used in shrink to encode before the burn?

Settings As In ???

Anybody ???

What settings did you select in preferences?

In Preferences I Selected… Under Selected Dvd-5, Automatic Open Video Ts Subfolders, Run Analysis And Backup In Low Priorit Mode, Then Preview I Enabled Vid An Audio, Audio Preview Mode Is Stereo, Then Direct X Vid Render Is System Default, Output Files I Checked Remove Macro Protection, Remove P-uops. Remove Layer Break , And Slpit Vob Files Into 1gb Chunks, Next Under Stream Selections I Put All Languages, Ac3 Or Lpcm, An Then Under File I/o I Checked The Check Rpc2 Drive Region Code Box, An Enable With Nero… Thats My Preferences That Are Checked Out…

So It Couldnt Be The Laptops Dvd Rom Drive Nor The External Dvd Brurners Fault That Makes It A Bit Softer??? I Mean I Play The Dvd On Regular Dvd Players An They Are A Lil Softer Then Average, But Then I Play Em On My Laptop, An They Turn Out Really Softerr Then Normal… It Just Bugs The Bageezers Out Of Me… Thankz For Helping… Any Takers??

Oh And Another Thing , Can Anyone Tell Me What Is The Best External Dvd Burner Out ??? I Wanna Purchase Another One… Prefer A Place Like Best Buy Or Comp Usa To Have It If U Know Its Really Good, Thankzz…

Any One Can Help Me Here??? Anybody???

whatever reencoded the audio probably lowered the volume (normalized) of the output audio. there should be several programs that can increase the volume (gain). im not into the dvd backups so im not full of suggestions - but if you check the transcoding forum -

there should be lots of suggestions. happy hunting :smiley: