After applying MediaCodeSpeedEdit patch Can i patch back to the official B7U9

After applying MediaCodeSpeedEdit patch Can i patch back to the official B7U9 firmware? Can anyone tell the the pros abt the patched firmware any problems with it? will it affect the ripping quality and burning ?

What speed does it rip an original video DVD dual layer DVD?

It shouldn’t be a problem. I’ve flashed between U9, P9, and T9 without issue.



u mean u flash with the speed patch back to the origianl U9 ?

Yes “Wayne.”

  • Ma Jie

any problems encountered? did u rip an original DL dvd? did dvd decryper rip fasteR?

Hi Rooney,

It’s too early to tell whether or not there will be any issues related to this patch, since it only came out yesterday. However, nobody has yet reported any significant problems in implementing it, so it seems to be safe. And you can always just flash back to the factory firmware if you find that the patch is causing problems for you.

It should approximately double your ripping speed under DVD Decrypter. It would seem that this patch will turn the BenQ 1620 into a “ripping monster” that’s perhaps faster than anything else currently out there. People are reporting rip times under 10 minutes for a full double-layer disc.

all these questions…makes ppl tired…everyone is testing it…anyfeedback or question…i suggest asking in that thread itself…

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all i wanna ask is can i flash back to the original B7U9 firmware and will the whole functions and quality of burning be the same as before? sorry to ask but i am really new to dvd burning. pls help

In my opinion - YES!

I second Spartane.

I third it…

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any others who support it?

So do I :slight_smile:
It is safe to me to flash back to “stock” firmware if u really want to, but why would u want that ??? :stuck_out_tongue: