Afree IDE firmware help (please)

so guys here is my full specs thanks if you can help

Field Value
Optical Drive Properties
Device Description IDE DVD-ROM 16X
Firmware Revision 3.10
Buffer Size 512 KB
Manufacturer Afree
Device Type DVD-ROM
Region Code 2
Remaining User Changes 4
Remaining Vendor Changes 4

Reading Speeds

Supported Disk Types
BD-ROM Not Supported
BD-R Not Supported
BD-RE Not Supported
HD DVD-ROM Not Supported
HD DVD-R Not Supported
HD DVD-RW Not Supported
DVD+R9 Dual Layer Not Supported
DVD+R Not Supported
DVD+RW Not Supported
DVD-R9 Dual Layer Read
DVD-R Read
DVD-RAM Not Supported
CD-R Read
CD-RW Read

Optical Drive Features
Buffer Underrun Protection Not Supported
C2 Error Pointers Not Supported
CD+G Not Supported
CD-Text Supported
Hybrid Disc Not Supported
JustLink Not Supported
LabelFlash Not Supported
Layer-Jump Recording Not Supported
LightScribe Not Supported
Mount Rainier Not Supported
SMART Not Supported
CSS Supported
CPRM Not Supported
AACS Not Supported
VCPS Not Supported
BD CPS Not Supported

your dvd-rom drive have a generic identifcation , to know its true manufacturer & model , youll have to take it out and check the sticker

It’s more likely an Artec/Ultima than Afree drive.

guys everest says its Afree, unless i have another programe to confirm it isent then im not getting that firmware :stuck_out_tongue:

as alredy said just take it out and check the sticker,thats the only way to know its true model, considering the generic identification no software will help here

i cant take it out, i would have to remove my power suply

how you reached that conclusion? open the case from both of its sides and disconnect the power/ide cables from the drive, then unscrew the right side drive screws,then lay down the case and unscrew the other side screws and just push the drive from the inside to the out… , cant see how it got anything to do with the psu :doh:

ok… ill try it now

all the sticker says is dvd-rom drive and then a code dhi-g40

its an artec/ultima dhi-g40 , get the firmware from here , use the 1.0.6 version of the flashtool , you can pick between the original & modified region free firmware

but, what if the flashing goes wrong?

then your drive will be history, but dont worry too much , in general its a safe procedure as long as

  1. theres no disc in the drive while flashing

  2. your using the right firmware (that belongs to the specific drive and not any other,in some cases ppl get the wrong firmware for a diffrent drive then what they have, with a similar model name then it all goes south)

  3. we all know floppy disks are unreliable,and in your case you need to use one to flash the drive, so after creating the bootable floppy and puting the flasher & firmware on it , you should verify the floppy disk is still in good condition,to do that browse it and select all files (just click ctrl+a) and ctrl+c to copy , but your not gonna paste it yet… , eject the disk and re-insert it , then browse to some folder on your hard drive and click ctrl+v… , if it copies everything without issues then the disk is in good condition

download the 3.11 original firmware or the region free 3e11 and the ultima flash tool v1.0.6,see instructions at the bottom of the page under “Flashing your drive! (Works only with real DOS-MODE)” , if you dont have a floppy drive just let me know and ill make you a bootable cd with the firmware/flasher

i thought that you couldent have cd’s in the drive… add me on msn k?

looking at a blank page is boring

didnt notice it before , on that page they also mention you need to rename the firmware file for the flasher to work with it , to vn*.bin like vn123.bin for example

true you cant , i thought you may have another drive , i guess thats the only optical drive you have , so floppy is the way to go (they are quite cheap if you dont alredy have one) , i dont use msn only icq :smiley:

i have a dvd r/w drive, but i have a floppy, the files i put on it are 3_11 (firmware) and uFlash

Looks like you were right chef - you know your stuff :iagree:

ok then… so what do i do know, how do i turn my floppy into a bootdisk

download , unzip all files to some folder on the hard drive, run rawwritewin.exe , in “image file” field on the right click the “…” (3 dots) button and select FreeBoot.img,then click the “write” button and wait til it finishes , when done,unzip the firmware & uflash into the floppy , then rename the firmware file (it must be vnxxx.bin so just change it to vn123.bin) , now the verify step so youll know the floppy is full readble , while in the a: drive press ctrl+a to select all files and then ctrl+c and close the window after the floppy drive light turns off,then eject the disk and re-insert it and browse to some folder on your hard drive and press ctrl+v to copy files from the floppy to the hard drive if all goes well then the disk is in good condition (a nessasry step as floppy disks are very unreliable),if the copy process fails then get some other disk, restart and enter bios (usally done by pressing the “delete” key) , youll need to adjust the boot device priority so your floppy drive will be first (i cant really give exact instructions about that without knowing whats your motherboard) , then save & exit , it will boot from the floppy and when done youll have <a:> prompt , type this and press enter (of course change the firmware file name if its not vn123.bin)
uflash vn123.bin
then just let it flow…see what the flasher tells you , if all went well then eject the disk and restart

Motherboard Name MSI MS-6701 (Medion OEM) <— is my mother board