Affordable quality media getting harder to find in the UK?

It seems to be harder to find quality media like MCC003 etc in the UK. It’s all Ritek and CMC crap these days. I’m talking about the budget end here (Like for £20 or less).

I wish I had bought a few hundred of those Datawrite or Datasafe MCC003 now! :sad:

Ricohjpnr01 @ svp (Datawrite) PI is constant on my 3520 @ 6x write 6-7000. PIF anything from 150-500. Playback is always flawless. - No doubt i’ll keep shopping for these as long as they are available :slight_smile:

I just order TY from SVP.

Whats wrong with Ritek???

They are not what they used to be, better off sticking to TY

I see. But I dont seem to have any problems with them. If it aint broken dont fix it!!!

Hmm I wouldn’t call CMC magnetics bad.
However it might be that your burner doesn’t like them because support isn’t as nice as MCC or verbatim.

Also watch out there are some nasty products with Mitsubishi faked codes which are made by infosmart currently on the market Bulkpaq/Moviestyle/Hyundai/laser and others. Compannies are now more and more abuseing MCC codes instead of TY these days !!
So please be carefull when getting cheap media with Mitsubishi code. Personally I recommend to spend some more and buy Verbatim/Mitsubishi if you want disc’s with Mitsubishi code.

Really if you talk about cheap good media I would say CMC or Optodisc however some burners really don’t like them.
There’s a reason why there cheap.

What’s wrong with Ritek ?

Well let’s say there quality fluctuates to much (it allways did !!) and the support isn’t that good any more.
However it seems that they are trying to fix it.

As I said before if it aint broken dont fix it. The quality fluctuates because people are not buying official ritek goods. If you look at Sumvision Gold Top, Silver, and White Top, also Piodata (UK stock) silver and whitetop, there seems to be no problems with their disk.

Disks like Ridisk and Rimedia etc are not official Ritek disks. If you look at Ridisk, why did it change to TTG02 code if it is official Ritek???

Ritek is Ritek no matter what surley thay would not use other peoples dye or codes.

TY cost 2x the RICOH and to me i’m not sure they are worth it although they are as consistant as the RICOH - just another picture i’m not all satisfied about. I have NEC 3500 & 3520 and LiteOn 1653 (The NEC’s produce similar burns and i don’t record dvd backup with the 1653) I burned about 50 unbranded, 50 printables and 40 colored Verbatims from svp. The Verbatims (TYG02) are slightly better than the Taiyo Yuden (TYG02) imo

Here’s an avg unbranded/printable scan

I’m talking about TRAXDATA/Ridata and Arita here. Non printable and printable.
However I can’t complain about arita because it’s B/C- grade media.
However Traxdata and Ridata(Ritek America’s brand) are different stories.
Specially Traxdata Ritek R01 +R disc’s but also RitekG04 have behaved to me and my friends very inconsistant.
The media is genuine and a 100% official ritek product.

The traxdata G03 and G04 discs have always given me great results, ive burnt 100s of them, i have had a couple of bad burns in the past but who has’nt. Does’nt it also depend on what burner your using, one may burn them better than others. Have’nt tred the Traxdata G05’s yet. Im wont buy TY media as i still think £35 for 100 is too much. If they drop to say £25 then maybe i will re-consider. Verb dvdr’s i wont use as my dvd player does’nt like them,plays the verb cdrs though.

The problem is Ritek was never that great to begin with, mediocre at best. TY has always been consistently better. I’m sorry TY costs so much in the UK; we can get it fairly cheap in the US.

I am also looking for good media in Europe…

I have been recently burning quite a few PRODISCR03 (bulkpak) from Nierle (8.99€ for 25)
Burn quality seems to be very good on my NEC3500 @ 8x (only scanned a few of them though a friend liteon burner… attached a scan)
Only problem seems to be deffective disc… on a total of 10 cakebox 8 did write flawlessly and 2 had severe problem (~half of the disc lead to a write error in nero)

I have looked at nierle website and they don’t have those media anymore (they have bulkpack with MCC003… look like fake MCC to me… they also have mirror and moviestyle with the same media code and similar price)

I attached a text file with a list of media I can get… If you have a suggestion between those media. I am using a Nec3500 burner… also looking for media for a friend’s liteon burner. I don’t know the exact burner reference should be a 16x burner though.

For now I am mostly interested in the ricoh media as them seem to be good for the price… I would like to burn the media at 8x (or more…) on my nec3500 I am not sure if I should pick the RICOHJPNR02 or the RICOHJPNR01.

Any suggestion is welcome :slight_smile:

DVDR.txt (9.42 KB)

R01 seems to be of generally higher quality than R02 from what I’ve seen, and my own experiences with my burners.

I have hardly any problems with bad burns. The problem is CRC errors 6 months later.

moviestyle and bulkpaq => fake MCC by infosmart or if your lucky you can get a very low factory grade for Bulkpaq. (Which I wouldn’t recomend even for quick storrage.)

Just run a test with dvdinfo pro on a G03 and a G04 traxdata that was burnt back in 2003, no crc errors for me.