Affordable DVD-Rom drive!

which DVD-ROM drive is affordable and has many features including support for both DVD-R(W) and DVD+R(W) , CD-text , CD+G, DVD-RAM, C2 errors, etc and which can read DVD’s at 16x or 12x and CD’s at 52x or 48x? (I know I’m asking for too much). A little expensive one will do.

The JLMS (aka LiteON) XJ-HD166S will do most of those things. It reports as being capable to read DVD-RAM but I doubt it.

I agree that Lite-On is an excellent choice for this. My only other advice is don’t go Asus.

The Toshiba M1712D is a good drive as well, just like the LiteOn/JLMS drive that was suggested here. I’d buy one of those two (I have the Toshiba, very satisfied, especially with it’s DAE qualities…).