Affiliate experience



I want to ask you people about the affiliate experience with DVDFab. I’am currently confused. First the Affiliate Webmaster Program was gone on their website. No it is there. But everything is with and also a change to will bring a send error.

A second issue is, they advertise the Avangate affiliate system. But as I can read they had problems with Avangate and that they are now using alipay. How this can work? Do you get your commission with this combination?


You really should discuss this with the company principals privately, not here in the street. :eek:


[QUOTE=signals;2735852]You really should discuss this with the company principals privately, not here in the street. :eek:[/QUOTE]
Sorry DVD RANGER but I also agree that that subject should be discussed on THIER web site, DVD RANGER does not want to instigate anything here on the forum, You (we) have enough problems just keeping up with DVD RANGER



i believe DVDranger just kindly remind us the problem.:flower:


Not to discuss this too much.
I had no problen getting to here:

What didn’t work was the “Test” e-mail I sent to the e-mail address provided.
It probably just needs to be changed (by DVDFab) to .
Not by someone trying to get a e-mail through themselves by making the change. returned a <> to me.
I hope this helps.
If you want to get an e-mail to fengtao or possibly other DVDFab executives I suggest their contact form:


I have sent Fengtao a link to this thread.


I do not wanted to talk to DVDFab I wanted to get some feeback from people who are in affiliate with them. I think this is the sense of a forum, to share information and experience, isn’t it?


BTW: To stop bad mouth before it starts, I already contacted DVDFab with this issue before I asked here.


@ DVDranger , You know you started this thread to “bad mouth” DVDFab .
You already had made contact with DVDFab .
If you didn’t get an answer that was complete enough for you you should have replied back & ask for the details you wanted.
Then if DVDFab wanted to release any information they considered not private company business they could have.
Then you would have posted that information to inform .
You never had an intention to inform anyone by posting starting or posting in this thread .


I’m an affiliate of DVDFAB and no complaints from me about it:D

Affiliate issues are private just like sales between a customer and company so this thread should get locked as well


I have to agree that affiliate relationships are not an appropriate subject in the open forum, and liable to go off the rails.

I’m closing this temporarily, until the moderators of this forum review the thread. If they wish to re-open it, then that is their decision.


@DVD Ranger this forum is not intended for affiliate questions, but mainly a technical support forum and a forum to discuss this software. I’ve opened it now as DVDFab doesn’t seem to have an issue with it, but next time deal with it in private.


Sorry, I do not want to start any !!! again. So ignore my request of sharing information from users/partners and also from the support team of DVDFab. Every critical question seems to be a crime.