Affecting Winamp while DVD shinking

I have recently discovered a problem. When I’m DVD shrinking, my MP3 playing would slow down. In another words, when i’m using DVD shrink, and playing Mp3, the 3 minute songs would take 6 minutes to play. It slows down the music. Very weird…

I dont know whether this problem could be created by this, but I have recently upgrade to a new video card. THe problem seems to be happening after the upgrade. I’m not too sure whether I have play MP3 while dvd shrinking. But that seems to be my only explaination.


transcoding a dvd is a very intensive process, so it’s probably taking system resources away from winamp.

Agree, while running anothe program it lags both the shrinking process and the other program u are running.

I see…i know it must be dvd srhink is taking way more resouce to do its thing. But I didnt seem to have the problem b4. Well, anyways. But do you guys have the same problem? Have u tried using DVD shrink while listening to music?

I dont, cuz it would slow down the shrinking process but play my musics fine with windows media player 10

Eiso: do you have dma enabled for your drives? if you’re not sure, there’s a sticky about it in the optical drives forum.

Maybe if you run dvd shrink in low priority mode it’s possible to run also winamp.
To run in low priority simply click on the “Backup” button and then check on the “Options” tab.

THanks all i’ll look into those!