Affect of Lite-on drive on audio quality



Got a question for you guys since I’m at newb at all this. I’m in the process of making an audio library, transferring my 300 to 400 CD’s onto an NAS. I’m planning on generating 2 libraries, one higher quality one for eventual connection to my home stereo and a lower quality one portable devices. Don’t care much about the audio quality for the portables, but I would like the quality of the music for my home stereo to be comparable to what you would hear out of a typical CD player. I’m probably going to use EAC for this process and I have a Lite-on SOHR 5239V 06C drive. Will the issues with this drive (jitter, unreliable C2 detection, etc) give a hearable deterioration in the audio quality? I don’t necessarily consider myself an audiophile, but I do tend to be a little more discriminating than the average person. Any recommendations/comments would really be appreciated.


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This drive is a good audio ripper. The only drawback would be, that it will slow down remarkably in EAC secure mode. But as you want best quality, you may consider this as useful.



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Trust me, EAC will soon let you know if it has any problems ripping a CD.