Well today i got an aerosmith compilation “oh yes” (or sth like that). On the front side of the case there’s a note saying that it cant be playbacked by a pc. I could just give it a try with a-ray and alcohol but i’m hesitating cause i haven’t opened it yet so that i can change it. Anybody got the same problem, can anyone gimme a sure solution?


Well, for me in principle the note saying “It can’t be playbacked by a PC” should be enough to bring it back to the seller.
I say “in principle”, since if I am really interested in the CD and I don’t have the possibility to find the same CD unprotected, I’ll keep it. :slight_smile:
So, it mailnly depends on how important is that CD for you. :wink:

I’m almost sure that, with appropriate hardware and software, you’ll be able to make a backup copy of it that works on your PC.

Regards, :smiley: