Adware Geniuses How Remove ZEDO?

ZEDO is evil & has hijacked my laptop. It appears to be an adware and creates a barrage of popups, including porn, which means the little girls can’t use Daddy’s computer. Help greatly appreciated. :sad:

Try using AdAware or Spybot or better yet both. Both have freeware versions that are great. Update both versions before using.

Have you tried Spybot - Search & Destroy.

:cool: :cool:

Wow. That sure was fast. Thanks to both. I’ll try with Spybot, see what happens. thanks again.

If spybot or adaware do not get rid of this pest-You can try avg antispy or a-squared free. I would run these programs in safemode and maybe use hijackthis but be carefull what you remove. You can also post a hijackthis log on and they will help you. good luck.

Use free online scan, it will work better then the others.

Ewido name was changed to avg antispyware months ago. Its a very good program.