Advise on the best DVD drive for ripping

My Aopen 1648 Pro is acting up and is probably on its way out. Can someone recommend a good fast reader that can also do quality scans. Id like to get a very good one that will last me a while… Thanks in advance for replies.

The Liteon 1635S rips well, does quality scans, is a very decent burner & reads poor quality discs better than any of my other drives.

I agree with the LiteOn suggestion, for the same reasons (going by my 1693S, haven’t been able to test my 1635S’s yet).

What about a 16P9SV Lite-On? Im not looking to get another burner but just a DVD reader dive. My NEC 3550A is doing great but I like having a seperate drive for ripping to save the life of my burner plus its not the best reader.

Hi :slight_smile:
If your in the UK. £16.99 for Asus DVD Rom, £19.99 for a Philips (Lite-On) DVDRW. Back in stock, see here. :smiley:
Edit: Black sold out already. :doh:

Im in the US… found a Toshiba DVD reader also… any other have any input? I dont want to buy a 2nd burner for ripping… just a good fast dvd drive that can do quality scans.

…then forget about DVD-ROM drives.

Exactly. A DVD-ROM cannot do accurate quality scans.

I’d still recommend the Liteon 1635s. It’s also a very good CD writer.

I had the Aopen 1648. I had the liteon 163D. I have had Sony 720 RW’s and NEC’s, and Phillips 16ls that i converted to a Benq 1625.

I recently replaced the Aopen and Liteon with an Asus 616A DVD-Rom. And i have to in all honesty say it is the best DVD-rom reader i have ever saw. I had some disks that i thought were coasters as CRC’s in abundance on them. No drive could read through them to make me back them up. The Asus glided through them without even a slowdown.

Amazing drive. Plus why on earth are you doing quality scans with your rom? Do them with your NEC, plus especially as i assume you burned the disks your wanting scanning with that?. Plus doesnt the Aopen drives do the scans at 16 ECC and the NEC at the standard 8 ECC for interpreting results. If so why on earth are you electing to do the scans with your Aopen.

(someone will need to please correct me if i am wrong on this)


Thanks for the info. BenQ writers used to have a top reputation for reading and yet I find many discs which the 1655 has trouble with. Besides, I always wecome the oportunity to buy another drive. :slight_smile:

Do you know what the max rip speed is for DL discs?

If a disk is in good condition then my BenQ1655 can read as well as any other and faster than most - but given a poorer, scratched disk and I have to use one of my Liteons. Disks I burned 3 years ago fail with a BenQ but a Liteon can read them no problem. My view is that BenQs are average readers, average scanners but the best burners

My BenQ 822A is my drive of last resort on marginal discs. Someone once said that it would read a pizza if you could get it inserted. My Liteon 1673 has problems on some discs and my 1620’s do pretty well overall.

I smile because I don’t know what the hell is going on. /.

I always thought the Aopen 1648 was a good drive for fast ripping?

My post wasnt really concentrating on speed, mine was more concentrating on quality reading of poor/scratched disks.

The Asus dive is though very fast. and unlike most other roms is quiet as a whisper.

I would say its speed it good, better than a liteon. But the Aopen 1648 is still the fastest ripper i have tried. But we are literally talking by seconds here.

Personally a minute slower doesnt bother me too much. As all movies playback at 1x anyway. And if i do choose to back something up, i would rather have the knowlege that it will definitely get it than the speed it does it. Not sure about anyone elses take on that though.


It is and it is also a good reader, but they are no longer available.

Thats why im ticked this one is going out. Its done this thing where it sits and creates a lot of noise… first time it did it I thought I case fan was going out. It just did it for the 2nd time last night this month. Two different disks. Plus it stopped in the middle of a decryption which it has never done. I hate to spend 40-50$ on another burner just for the purpouse of ripping quickly… Quality scans arent that important to me.

My Pioneer 120S is going to die, give me a advise about the best one ( ripping dvd, game, audio and scratched disk ) plz :sad:

What do you think about Plextor PX130A ???

I suggest using a plextor drive. I heard they are v. good