Advise on Sony DVD+ Media D11

Just picked up a 25 pack spindle of Sony DVD+ 8x for 10.00 at Compusa.
Label indicates made in Taiwan. Running through DVDInfoPro shows the manufacturer to be Sony D11. Never saw this media before, any comments as to the quality, and is it in fact manufactured by Sony.


SONYD11 is great media. You got lucky. Judging from the more blueish color I suspect it is a Verbatim-licensed Azo dye. If burned properly it should have excellent archive characteristics. I’ve tested it on a nec 2510a and a liteon 832s. Burns better @ 6x than 8x on both.

Your results will depend on your burner, but I recommend 6x.

SONYD11 burned @ 6x Sony DRU-700A (litey 832s)


Apperars you edited your post and removed your question "Was it a 25 pack? What did the package look like?

It was included in my email notification for a response from CD Freaks.

Yes it was a spindle of 25 with a dark blue label. The media does appear to have a very bluish color, and the face is almost white. As stated it was made in Taiwan.

Thank you for the good news that it is quality media, 10.00 for 25 is an excellent deal.
I have a Liteon 812S and have always burned at 4X, I’m in no hurry the extra 4 minutes I save is not important. Do you recommend burning at 6X rather than 4X with this media? I know some media burn better at a faster speed on some burners.
My Liteon 812S burned one coaster at 8X using 8X Taiyo Yuden disks (DVD+), since then I always burn at 4X, regardless if the media can burn faster. Never had a coaster again in over 200 burns.

I believe they are manufactured by Daxon using Sony dye/stampers (kind of like Mitsubishi media made by CMC).

Two Degrees
Never heard of Daxon, but I damn sure hope they are better than CMC.
I still have a bunch of Taiyo Yuden’s left, I’ll try using the Sony’s and if they fail, I’ll use the TY’s for the important stuff.

I didn’t try it at 4x on either the nec or the 832. With such good results at 6x I just stuck with it. You could give it a go and run a Kprobe scan!

Thanks for the feedback, I’ll try it at 6X and see what happens, middle of the road, good place to start.

Cmon’ live it on the edge… :wink:

YSS got VERY good results with this media burned at 12x on a PX-712U: (9th set of scans)

this media is great.
this is how my MSI DR16-B ( Benq1620 oem) burned at 16x!

That’s a nice 16x scan! I’ll save my SONYD11 for my BenQ 1620 (on order).

the scan is so far my record! the best ever achieved. somemore the media is burned at 8x@16x!!! :bow:

raygay, nice stuff! I saw you crazy bunch of guys @… keep up the good work!

tks dude :bigsmile:

I just went to two CompUSA’s to look for the Sony DVD+R discs. The store closest to me were out of stock, so I had to travel across town to the other store. The latter one had around 20 spindles or so of the 1x-8x and I picked up two of them. I’m assuming the 8x is the SonyD11 which everyone is talking about, but I can’t verify this at the moment w/o a DVD writer.

raygay, your scan looks very good & especially on a BenQ 1620 OEM. I’m planning to get that drive (when the Pro Version comes out soon) or the NEC ND-3500A. Leaning more towards the BenQ.

Btw, I just love the Japanese covers for the blank media. It’s so much better than here in the States, and I’m just wondering if some retailer sells those particular ones online. Looking mainly for Verbatim, Fuji, & TDK.

They probably will be D11. But let us know. It’s nice to have options on good media!

Btw, what is the label color on the Sony 4X DVD+R… is it blue like the 8x?

Green. I have a bunch right here, they are RicohJPN R01.

On CompUSA’s website, they show the Sony 4X DVD+R (grey bottom) with a blue label like what the 8X DVD+R spindle comes in. So are these RicohJPN-R01 as well?

Well, I took a chance and bought these at compusa today. Sony D11 media. Here is my first scan of a burn from my 812 with US0Q firmware. Burned at 8x, pretty good looking scan.

Well, I was going to include the kprobe, but the board is telling me that my png file is an invalid image?