Advise on building a new system

Hi all,
Right then, i’m building a new system and need advice on the best hardware to buy for the job. It will be used to copy Vcd’s and make compilation audio disc’s. I need to be able to copy Vcd’s at a decent speed without picture or sound loss. Currently I can only copy at 4x without suffering pixeling or sound blips.:frowning: However since copying audio onto my harddrive I can burn this at 32x with a cyberdrive 32x/12x/48x no worries. I have 2 of these writers and would like to re-use them if possible.

Advise much appreciated…:bow:

Query … if it works … despite the “low speed”… Why build a new system in the first place ?

Especially if you plan to re-use those nifty cyberdrives.

You don’t need a new system. It works.

Hi Mr. Belvedere, thanks for the reply,

I need to replace my system with something faster and more reliable. I keep getting al sorts of problems with the current one as I use it for just about everything else. The new system is going to be soley used for the above and the only software used will be XP-pro, Nero v5, CloneCD v3 or v4. I have a friend who wants a system the same as the one i’m going to build so basicaly i just wanted to know what would be an optimal system to go for.

Also if the writers were replaed with DVD writers what would be the best combination to run as i would like to put Vcd onto DVD at some stage.

Thanks again…