Advise for buying a new standalone dvd player

Hi all,

I have a MAGNUM DVD PLAYER 2004 which is my third player and I would like to upgrade to a newer and better one. The reason why I want to ditch my current player is because almost half of my self made dvd’s didn’t work. Some didn’t load at all, others started hanging after an hour or half an hour. And it doesn’t seem to read DVDRW, although the manual says it does. Tried different brands, different burn speeds, different software,etc, and this for the last 2 years. They all work well on my pc though.
In google newsgroups they recommended me the philips dvp5960 but I went to an electronics store today and they said philips have lots of problems. Panasonic is better according to market studies and so on(we talked for about half an hour).
What’s important to me is reliability. If I insert a self made disc, I want it to play from start till finish. I looked on too but I don’t know what to think anymore, the one says this, the other says that in the reviews, and then there’s the google forums where they say that…
So then I thought if the cdfreaks don’t know it, nobody knows.
The player should have these features:
Also welcome but not strictly necessary:
PAL/NTSC so that I can play american dvd’s too (I’m in Europe >PAL) and a 5.1 RCA output for my surround set.

If you would like to know which software I use, here it is(although I do not want to start a software discussion here):
DVD Decrypter
AVS Video Tools(only the video converter)
Nero 6 (esp Nero Burning ROM)

Thanks in advance for your help!

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I’m missing something here. Are you looking for just a DVD player or a DVD recorder?

Just a dvd player. Sorry for the confusion.

At google newsgroups I have been advised the PHILIPS DVP5960, in the electronics/TV store here they told me PHILIPS customers always come back with problems while the customers who bought PANASONIC never come back which is a good sign. Then on they said that, quote, “Unless Panasonic has started installing better drive motors in their loaders: I would not consider them. Playback is good video, sometimes compatibility, sometimes not on most discs”. Another member said that the most unknown and cheapest dvd player play everything without a problem. Someone else said get PHILIPS DVP5140 or the Oppo Digital DV-981HD if you want to spend more money (no way! I already know that more money doesn’t necessarily mean better reliability)

So as you can guess I’m clueless and for the moment I’m not thinking of buying anything.

Oppo DV-970HD you may like

Your problem could be the media and, or your recorder.
Some media starts to deteriorate after only a few months
(especially Ritek).
Here in the US even the lower cost Sony players
are good.