Advice with new AutoEverest Printer

Hi there,

I was just wondering if anybody else out there has used an AutoEverest Printer and if they can give me some tips on how to tweak some of the small issues I’m currently facing.

#1: Centering the print: I am trying to align my print on the center of the disc, using the margins, however it seems to be slightly different on every disc, is there a simpler way of getting it centered? Or do you just have to tinker with it?

#2: Printing on White Thermal Media: When I print on white thermal TY dvdr’s it appears that if I don’t leave any white exposed around the edge, the print peels slightly at the edges, is this because of the transfer film not applying fully to the white base? As it is not an issue with the silver TY dvd-r stock.

#3: Best file formats, dpi etc: Does anybody have extra good results with certain types of file formats, dpi, color mode etc. etc. I have used jpeg, tif and bmp and currently the bmp gives the best results. I also find that the RGB files give a more saturated colour (sometimes not wanted) but in most cases it gives a nice look. Also, the quality of text is quite low when printed from graphic files, does anyone know what format files need to be to give off great text quality?

I’ll probably be back with more issues as I find them. Sample prints would be good to see from anyone using the same stock or similar stock.