Advice with Dual Layer Burns please

Now that I am able to burn double layer discs thanks to Codeguys superb firmware upgrade for my Liteon drive could some-one please advise me on the quickest and best method for making perfect backups of dvd films. I currently use DVDShrink on 100% compression (ie uncompressed) for the rip and ImgToolBurn 1.1.6 for the burn. It works fine. The only problem I have had was with West Side Story where the end of each chapter was cut off by a second or two which was weird.
a) Does DVD Shrink even on the 100% setting degrade the picture at all? It seems daft to be using a shrinking program when I dont need any compression. DVD Decripter is confusing to use for simpletons like me! What settings should I use with DVD Decriptor?
b) What does ImgToolBurn do? Its simple to use but it says it uses the Nero Burning Rom. I cant seem to get Nero to burn the files produced by DVDShrink.
c) Is there a better way. I have Nero, DVD Decriptor, ImgToolBurn, DVD Shrink etc.
Thanks for any advice. I cant afford coasters until the cost of DL discs comes down!

Save for the horrific cost of d/l media, it’s as easy as pie.

Simply use Dvd Decrypter with default settings to read the disc in iso mode and then again use Dvd Decrypter to write the iso image (tip: load the image from the mds file).

The layer break will be inserted in exactly the same place as it was on the original and you’ll have an exact duplicate of the original save that the Macrovision encryption will have been removed.

You really can’t get much easier than that. :smiley:

Thanks. I’m grateful. But I’m still left wondering what ImgToolBurn does. :bow:

ImgToolBurn creates an iso of the directory you choose and burns it for you with nero.