Advice with a dvd burner

hello all, im new to this and could use a hand in selecting a dvd burner for my comp.

my set up right now is a cd burner in one slot and a dvd player in the other. a friend said i should removbe the cd burner and place the dvd burner it its place since it burns cd as well…i am looking for somehting thta will allow me to burn (and i dont know if this makes sense, but u will understand me) dvd+ and dvd - of ram, r , rw and so on…basically all the ypes so that what i burn will be compatible on all players.

also once i get it…thew software i will need to but movies on the dvd.

will i need to get video in the form of mpegs, dvx, what kind of extension must they be.

and is there a way to burn a dvd i bought and would like to copy for my own backup use…

if there is anyway to let me know exactly how i should go about this i would greatly appreciate it.

also besides s-video other options to hooking the pc up to a tv or directly into a dvd recorder unit attached to a tv…

im preferably looking for a black colored internal dvd burner, a good quick efficient one that is not too pricey , thanks so much in advance
>>>> Michael

LG GSA-4160B

Hey Mike.
In regards to the burner, I just installed a Liteon SOHW- 1633S 16X DVD Dual Layer drive yesterday. It’s fabulous!!! Passed both Nero and KProbe tests with flying colors. I burnt a full movie in 6 minutes flat with Verbatim 16X DVD+R. This drive is basically the same as the Sony DRU-710A for a lot less money. Also there’s a lot of good feedback on the forum about the NEC ND-3500AG. That will be the next drive I purchase. As for software to copy a movie, DVD Shrink and Decryptor should do the job for you. Just beware as to not infringe on any copy rights when burning Movies. You can find both of the drives at for around $65.00 to $70.00.:bigsmile: