Advice, what burner recommended/good

I am looking to buy a new dvd burner, I currently own a Sony DRU 500a which cost me £300+ when it first came out and runs at a powerhouse 4x :stuck_out_tongue: . The prices as usual do not even compare to what I paid back then but now my 4x is abit slow and the cd write speed is only 24x also.
Im looking for a dvd writer which is in these specifications if possible:

  • 16x dvd-+r
  • highest cd writing speed possible
  • dual layer at highest speed possible
  • r9 dvd support, highest speed possible
    (basicly does everything)

I have being looking at a few over at overclockers but there are so many, I do not want to waste more money considering my previous £300 purchase a few yrs back. Cheaper is better, im a uni student with a tight budget so around £50/£60 or less :iagree: . Any advice and recommendations would be great, thank you


IF you can find a NEC nd-3500ag over there - grab one - best 16x burner made IMO-


You will get a bunch of different answers. Read the hardware forum and look at the various burner comments. Right off hand, I would recommend benq1620 or the nec 3500 or the newer lg models

Or you can wade through the posts here and see what makes sense for you.

I can get a NEC ND3540 16x16 DVD±RW Dual Layer ReWriter for around £40, I read some forums and reviews and people have said this is a very good drive. I wondered if people know anything about this and if it has any compatability problems with discs? One of my mates bought a NEC back when dvd drives first came out and he sent it back because no discs would work hardly, wonder if they have got better.

Go for the Benq

The scans from burns I have seen have been very disappointing. This has only been with a few media types and it is the first firmware. If it were my choice, I would wait and see how newer firmware works out with whatever media you will be using.

Get an Nec 3500a or the BenQ 1620

Any good online retailers who have the BenQ, ive checked and Aria. They are my usual purchasing sites but they dont have it.