Advice wanted on LG Burners

Hi there,

I’ve owned and loved (and used a LOT) my LG GSA-5163D for a little over three years. It has performed flawlessly, burning over 500 CDs and DVDs with no complaint. Today it has decided to finally die. Actually, I am not positive what is wrong with it. It opens and shuts the tray, and appears to “Read” dvd when I insert it, but the PC (Windows XP) will NOT register it or recognize or see the drive, even when I search for it in My Computer. It does this with two other computers I’ve tried, both with USB and Firewire, and they either say that the disc drive is empty or that it isn’t connected at all.
Rather than worry my head over this I’ve decided it might be time to get a replacement. However this model is old and all I see now on the LG website are E40 and E60 models, etc, and I can’t find much information on them.
What I want is a burner that performed as well as my old one without any extras - I don’t need anything more. So many models have been produced since then that it’s hard for me to figure out what is what - all I need is an external drive. Does anyone know what model out there satisfies these requirements as well as being as longlasting and sturdy as the 5163D? I made a very good investment last time (it cost me no more then 90 USD, probably) and I don’t want to follow it up with a bad one. As I’m already familiar and happy with the LG brand I thought it might be easy to stick with them, as long as I can figure out what model to go with.

Many thanks to ANY advice you can give!

I have a LG-GSA-E60L external, It works fine. Its not slow and its not the fastest in the world. It is factory set to DVD-ROM booktype. I use it now and then because i have a small collection of burners. It’s my “J” drive. 2 months ago or so it went for 119.00 then it dropped to 70.00 at best buy. It’s also still at 1.00 firmware as LG takes there time to update FW i guess but i have had no problems with it and i only burned maybe 100 or more DVD’s in that burner. Mostly all DL+R.