Advice wanted for a new set-up

I am looking to set-up a new system for burning PSX & SD2 etc.

Anyone advise the best hardware set-up (CDR & CDRW combination) to use with CloneCD?

Also, as I am in the UK anyone recommend the best (cheapest) place to buy PC hardware from?


get the liteon or plextor 241040*
they can both back up SD2

Thanx m8, but what CDR/DVD drive would you recommend to go with it?

what do u mean?

You wouldn’t use your CD Writer to both read & write, so I am asking what drive you would use to read the disks i.e. make/model of CD Rom drive or DVD Rom drive in conjunction with the writer.

Sure you can use your writer to read and write the image… Just make an image first :slight_smile: But if you really want to make on-the-fly copies you need a fast reader. The Toshiba DVD’s are recommended for reading with CloneCD but they aren’t fast enough with SafeDisc (2) protected discs. I doubt you’ll find a unit that is @ 24x writing…

Any particular Toshiba DVD drive, or will anyone do?

I may seem naive, but as I say I am looking to set-up a new system and would like to get it right from the start:o

I am not looking for “on-the-fly” as such and yes I could take an image with the burner.

What I do want is your recommendations for a reader/writer combination that can cope with SD2 etc using CloneCD:)

Get the Plextor PX-W2410A and the Lite-On LTD-163 DVD-ROM.
I have these and they are very fast and extremely reliable… so far!
On-the-fly works without the use of BPRec once!:smiley:

Thanx m8 - sounds like good advice:D

The Liteon LTD-163 indeed seems to be a good choice. I heard good things about this drive…


Unless anyone else has any suggestions, this seems to be a good choice:cool:

toshida dvd’s =excellence


Thanx m8, but I think I’ll go with the Lite-on DVD and the Plexy writer:)

Fingers crossed;)