Advice wanted - dvd5 backups



I just started trying to backup my own DVDs from dvd9 to dvd5. So far the process is working ok for me, but i’m not too happy with the visual quality
of the “One click” copiers. The copies seem to look blockish and pixlated.

I have tried dvdfab plat pro v4, dvd shrink, ripit4me and a host of other programs in either free or trial versions, but I am still getting the same results.

While not trying to be a total newb, I have done a ‘bit’ of research and I now know the difference between transcoding and encoding, and here is where my questions start…

  1. My normal method was to fire up AnyDVD and DVDShrink and let it do all the work. I figured I could skip the whole DVD Decrypter part since AnyDVD auto removes the CSS protection. Is this ok? Or, should I be spending the extra time and using DVD Decrypter from the get go?

  2. With DVD Shrink, using deep scan and extra smooth, if I can get my backup to be 100% (from reauthoring) will the quality be as good as using an encoder such as DVDRebuilder? I’m hoping I can find a way to improve quality with transcoding as opposed to the 12 hour downtime of encoding.

I cant seem to find a up to date guide for ripping, using the diff programs, all seem to be from 2004’ish. One such sight I went to mentioned a guys method of producing a high quality dvd5 back up.

First he would use decrypter to rip files and remove the copyguard, then he would reauthor in shrink, using no compression DVD9 settings. After that he would take the remastered files and use DVD Rebuilder to encode them all, then back to shrink for something else (I forget), then back to Decrypter to burn the final files.

I guess I am wondering why he wouldn’t have been done after remastering in shrink with no compression, does the 12 hours it takes to encode make that much more of a difference from the final remastered files from a 100% Shrink copy?

I have a few more questions, but this is getting rather long and I will stop before I have to publish this lol.

Thanks for any advice on this subject,


Well since you’ve done some research,then you know that using an encoder will result in a higher quality output…Will YOU be able to SEE the difference between Shrinks transcoding and say, DVDRB’s encoding? Only YOU can be the judge of that…
Try DVDRB and see for YOURSELF if it’s worth the time…
You can always back up to DL media…
Using DVDFab Platinum,I typically just back up the main movie only,and I’m usually satisfied with the results…
And FYI, DVDFab is now,


If you still want the power of an encoder but not the time it takes you ought to give DVD neXt COPY a try. DVD neXt COPY doesn’t use an transcoder like dvd shrink etc… If you do use the default settings in quality for a good backup and be sure to change the burn setting to 12x. Download below: