Advice: Samsung S233L or Plextor PX-890SA?


This is my 1st post on this site. I’m about to get a DVD Writer for the first time, and thought what better place to start, for “hands-on” User advice.

I’ll be using the DVD writer primarily for its DVD functions, as I already have a CD burner. In addition, having the Lightscribe functionality is a good option. Now, to cut to the chase…

A merchant no longer has the preferred Samsung S243N retail box available, and offered me the Samsung S233L or the Plextor PX-890SA. So far, I haven’t found anyone who has used these machines.

Of concern, is of the “re-branding” that I’ve read of the Plextors, and of the PX-890SA having a 1.5MB buffer memory.

My usage will be in the light-to-moderate range. Foremost, I don’t want a machine that sounds like a turbo engine, and would like for it to have decent life-span.

What do you think? Pros? Cons?

Any advice and/or opinions would be welcome, and thanks in advance.

Hi and Welcome!

I guess, you are talking about the SH-S223L. Not really a drive; I’d spend money for. If this drive is the only offer (apart from the Plextor) this vendor has, then check other vendors. Online shops often have more options.



Thanks, for your reply. And, you’re correct… it is the S223L. :rolleyes:

This is an online merchant, and I’ve looked at Lite-Ons, Optiarcs, and other Plextor’s. But it’s quite confusing though.

User recommendations, are also welcomed.

I’d then go for an Optiarc (in case CD application matters) or a Liteon. Plextors are Liteon drives with custom firmware.