Advice(s) please



Although it’s not my primary computer, but just good enough to get on the web and surf.

Here is my hardware:
Mobo - FIC CW33, Intel 810 chipset, Award BIOS, micro ATX with 3 PCI and 1 AMR slots, integrated audio, video, game, 2 USB, parallel, RS232 ports
CPU - Celeron 400-MHz, socket 370
Promise Ultra TX2 controlling Western Digital 100GB HD
CD-ROM - HiVal 52x
CD-burner - Lite-On LTR-48125W
floppy disk drive
OS - W2K w/SP4

About 2 weeks ago, this computer didn’t quite shut down completely and it wasn’t until the next day until I noticed. Of course, when I tried to reboot, the BSOD came up. Luckily, I had backed-up all the critical files onto another computer. So when I tried to reinstall W2K or WXP, there are just some files that weren’t readable and installable from the CDs, even though the CDs are fine (from reading on another computer).

I got a new Soyo mobo for cheap with the same functionality, changed the IDE cables, tried both the Promise and onboard controllers, but yet, the same problems occur. I installed the WD 100GB into anther computer and loaded W2K with no problems. But when the WD was taken out and put into the problematic computer, I get an “Inaccessible Boot Device” BSOD message. I have read that this particular WD HD could be problematic at times, but when I put in a old Maxtor 13GB, the same problems occur when trying to install W2K or WXP, can’t read some .dll and/or .sys files. The WD HD has also been formatted on a working computer with no problems.

To sum up, I’m looking at the Celeron as the problem. Since I’d like to keep all my other working hardware, thus, I’ve yet to get a much newer computer all together. Anyway, sorry for the long post, thanks ahead for reading. If you have any suggestions, I’m all ears.



I have seen this problem quite some times before. The causes for this problem were:

  1. CPU: damaged, running too hot, VCore too low
  2. Memory: damaged, running too hot, VMem too low
  3. PSU: damaged or lack of capacity

Besides this, I think that a damaged mainboard or bad cables can be the cause for this as well.

May I suggest to do a memtest with Memtestx86? Get this (standalone) program from

Good luck and report back as soon as you found out something!


Dee-ehn, thanks for your suggestion. I d’l’ed Memtest and tried it, and there were a bunch of errors that resulted from it. The 256MB stick had produced the majority of it. After I removed it, the 128MB seemed to be fine, until it ran into Test 5, where it stopped testing altogether. I hadn’t see any problems with the L1 and L2 cache from the tests, assuming they would probably be tested first given the higher transfer speed.

I checked the voltage levels as reported by the BIOS, though not by my DMM :wink: , and they seemed to be fine, thus, perhaps eliminating #1 and #3.

I’ll grab a memory stick out of the other computer and try from there. I had bought a new motherboard and same results, even changing to new IDE cables, after testing them in another computer, which eliminates cabling problems.


It seems like both the memory sticks are bad, as reported from Memtest. I did grab a “good” one from the other computer, setup for WXP went fine until the first reboot, where a CRC failure occurred. From there, the HD didn’t reboot again, nor did WXP setup. Perhaps it’s time to recycle it. :Z