Advice re High Quality DVD media

My only experience with DVD burning has been backing up several movies onto Sony DVD-R, using a friend’s Sony dual format DVD burner.

I now want to back up about 25 or so classic, and often hard to find, films, and will be using my friend’s DVD burner (DVD burners are still luxury-priced here in Thailand).

To do this I’d like to use the best DVD+R (or DVD-R) media I can. Price doesn’t matter for this small project, and the discs will be bought for me in the USA and/or in Singapore.

What would you recommend? At the moment, I’d choose TY DVD+R, based largely on my experience with TY CD-Rs.

If TY is the best choice, are all Plextor and TDK DVD+Rs made by TY? Are TY DVD discs available under other brand names.

I apologize for asking such basic questions, but this is really the beginning of DVD burning for me.

Your questions is fine enough by me.

Yes I agree that TY DVD media also seems to be the best DVD-media.

All plextor DVD+R is TY.

All TDK DVD+R I’ve seen have been ricoh, which is usually good as well.

All TDK 4X (only 4X, not 2X) DVD-R I’ve had have been TY though.

That’s DVDR discs is also TY (Not That’s write!, that is something else).

If you have the possibility to look at the packages then there is also a few verbatim discs made by TY. Look for “Made in Japan” on the packaging.

Thanks for the fast and comprehensive reply.