Advice pls- HD-dvd & data



hi there,

i have a basic spec laptop and just an external dvd writer ,both dvd player and burner just support the basic DVD R-RW DL etc…so my question is…

can u burn normal data…avi , mpeg etc…onto HD-DVD?im told they hold way more GBs than standard dual layer dvds that i think currently hold 8.5Gb
i dont care about the quality its just the amount of GBs the HD-DVDs hold.
Sounds more usefull:)



There are HD DVD burners and media on the market, but the burners are rare and the results seen in some tests are very dissapointing w.r.t. the quality (readability) of burned HD DVD-R media.

The HD DVD format has also just suffered another serious blow due to Toshiba (the main backer of HD DVD) announcing that they will withdraw from designing and manufacturing HD DVD drives.

If you want a recordable optical format with higher capacity than DVD DL, I suggest you look at Blu-ray Disc recorders instead. A Single Layer BD-R holds 25 GByte data.

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