Advice pls *avi 2 dvd?



hi there,

i have around 15 avi/wmv music videos that total upto 4GB

my computer is not Top spec so it will take ages to convert each 1 into dvd

can i join them all up make them into a iso file or something then into dvd?

im just after the best way to play them back2back in a standalone dvd player

any tips? thnx


For playback in a standalone DVD player, the files will are need to converted into mpeg2 files that meet DVD spec. You can do this individually on each file or with DVD authoring software (which you will need to create the DVD anyway). You also won’t be able to fit them all onto one DVD. For conversion into DVD format, you are concerned with the length (time) of the files, not the size. You can fit 2 hours onto a standard DVD.

If you will be doing this often, your best bet would be to get a Divx certified DVD player. You can then just burn the files to DVD as data (as you referenced above) and play them. There are some limitations on file playback types, but it will save you a lot of time performing conversions and you will use less media.