Advice please

im taking on a project were i need to record lectures and upload to net, at the moment im recording through a datavideo (se-500)mixing board and into a panasonic DMR-77(dvd hdd) where i store on the harddrive

what i now want to do is go from the mixing board straight to a laptop or a harddrive and stop using the dvd players hard drive.

does anyone know what kind of hard drive i would need to take video in. im totally clueless right now!

thanks in advance::slight_smile:

Type of hard drive? I don’t think it matters what type of hard drive you use.

The real question is how you connect to the computer and what software you use for capture.

To record video, you’ll need a capture device of some type. Some of these are usb, some are pci or pci-e and plug into a slot on the motherboard.

oliverbrown, describe what your source is exactly then we can make recommendations.
If you are using a video-camera or whatever…

The HDD speed won’t be a factor - whether it’s a low-power ‘green’ 5400rpm or a higher-speed 7200 or even the super-fast 10,000rpm’ers, there’s such a huge bottleneck from the CPU & Graphics Processing into any of these hard-drives that the HDD speeds won’t be a factor in video-quality. CPUs and Memory have the smarts to handle the bottleneck and will shove whatever data they can into the HDD at its speed without affecting Processor Quality.

We’ve seen older 4800rpm notebooks handle concert-video recordings without a hitch - and those were using USB video-recording dongles and that software was the only limiting factor in quality.

I’d guess that about all of today’s notebooks are using 5400rpm SATA drives with more than enough bandwidth (speed of data) so video-quality won’t be affected.