Advice please

I have a benq dvd burner (dw1620) and used to use it with the bundled sonic record now deluxe software that came on a benq disc.
recently I have been unable to burn a dvd …the burn ends right at the last minute telling me I have a dirty disc or some such thing.
I have recently downloaded a trial of alcohol120% and this programme so far has been perfect.
My questions are…Is it the software that caused the original problem or something else?
alcohol 120% full programme is too expensive for me £30 ish…thats not in my budget…could anyone recomend a good software application that is reasonable in price and works well please.
I thank you in anticipation of your constructive and helpful answers.
Isle Of Wight.

what do you want to copy? Copy protected DVD’s?, Games or crate professional cds?

the first one

So you want to copy, copy protected DVD’s use DVD shrink or DVD decrypter that will solve your problem and use nero or something like that to burn the dvd.

i appreciate your help , i already use dvd decrypter and shrink and have had great results until recently …so i ditched sonic and installed alcohol trial and it works fine but is expensive…for me it is… is nero good then?? how much is it please? thanks again for your help

Alcohol 120% can not copy, copy protected DVD’s, nero is very help full and is very easy to use and gives you a grate result every time. Its more expenisve than Alcohol 120%, see on the nero website or go on ebay.

I am obviously not explaining myself very well and I apologise for that but let me try again…I use dvd decrypter and dvd shrink to prepare a movie for burning…i used to use sonic record now software to burn the disc and it worked fine until recently when I had a major windows malfunction and had to reformat and reinstall all of my software…since then sonic would burn the disc 9/10ths but then stop telling me I had a dirty disc or media…I used the same media as before and even tried some other discs…ritek go5’s …so I uninstalled sonic and dowloaded a trial copy of alcohol 120% and all is well now (i think)…i am burning discs again with no problems…my trial runs out soon and the software is £30 plus which is a bit dear for me …so I am asking for a good reliable alternative that is reasonably priced or better still free and I am asking why you expert people here thought it had happened in the first place…is it a corrupt file have I done somthing wrong???am I thick??? I dont know but i am sure you people can guide me

Did you reformat your drive if so what from and what to. What version of windows do you use. A cheaper alternative to Alcohol 120% is BlindWrite it does sort of the same thing and it costs around £20.

Yes i did reformat my hard drive because windows xp pro was becoming more and more unstable but once reformat had taken place the burner/software became erratic and refused to complete a burn …I am not a computer expert by any means and if I had to hazzard a wild ingnorant unimformed guess I would say either I have a software problem or( and this is the wierd assumption) my power supply is playing up…why??? I just think it is because all sorts of different things happen at different times…its driving me mad…but at least with alcohol 120 things seem to be behaving on the burning side…I was thinking someone somewhere must have had similar problems…thats what these forums are all about isn’t it??? Thanks for your help so far …the more the better. thank you

What format is your hard drive?


I’d use DVD Shrink to create an Image file (ISO) & then burn that with ImgBurn or DVD Decrypter. There’s certainly no need for any other burning apps.

The image file shouldn’t be a problem as you’re on NTFS (or nfts as you put it :slight_smile: )

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