Advice Please

I am new to copying DVD’s so please excuse my boring question but,
I have downloaded A dvd file in a compressed format and having tried to decompress it I still cannot convert to a dvd file, what am I doing wrong!

I am using Cucusoft AVI to vcd dvd mpeg converter pro and the file is winrar.

Thanks in advance to anyone who can give me advice.

I am fairly inept as well when it comes to this anti piracy software issue. I have purchased a hp media center and I am having nothing but problems using it. The main problem is the anti-piracy software that comes with this computer when you purchase it. Would anyone know where I can find this so I can either delete or disable it?

If you downloaded a DVD, you don’t need any sort of silly, ripoff converter program. It’s just archived! Get WinRAR from and unpack it, then chances are you’ll have a .img or a .iso, either of which you can write to a DVD with DVD Decrypter.

If you arte trying to backup a rental dvd, the anti-piracy software is built into the dvd, You need to download a copy of Dvd Decrypter or Dvd Fab Decrypter. You may also want to get a copy of DvdShrink because some movies won’t fit on a single dvd. All of the programs are free and you find them and lot of tutorials here:

No-I did not download a DVD-the problem I am having is this media Center has the pci express tunner card. I can record live tv-unfortunatly I cannot do it through any other software other than windvd and it won’t let me burn it because it says that it is copywritted (which is the dumbest crap I have ever heard since you can record analog and re-record to digital using a dazzle but that is a whole nutter issue). There is software on the computer that prevents any other software from recording from the graphics card or even reading the file that was recorded. I have used dvd shrink before and it works fine on my older based pc but does not work with this one at all. To tell you the truth-this pc is the crappiest setup I have ever seen with the os it comes with. I am about ready to just go by a copy of XP and download the ati catalyst rather than deal with the OS that came with it but if anyone here can help chop this one up it would be most appreiciated.

DVD Shrink will only work with DVD files VOB ect, if yours is not in that format it won’t touch it. What format are the things you’re recording in?

I am not sure what format it is running. My main goal here is to be able to record TV and be able to burn it to dvd. My problem is-the software that the tv shows in is media center and it keeps everything copywrited so I can’t do it. In addition, when I am using software that can record say, “What You Hear”, the option for that does not even show up, nor is any software capable of reading from my graphics card so I was curios if anyone had any experiance with the pci express cards and media center software.