Advice please. Ripping 64 CD's



Would the forum please review my setup? I would like to avoid making stupid mistakes here and there that could add up.

Task: Ripping 64 CD’s, legal purchase.
Type of CD: Voice recording, light background music.
Goal: Cut down to 6 or 7 mp3 CD’s for listening in the car.
Ripper: CDex 1.51 (most recent version)
Ripper setting: 128kbps, constant bit rate, J-stereo, quality (5, 0 highest, 9 lowest)
CDRW: Acer 8-4-32, no buffer underrun protection. (both for ripping and recording)
Car stereo: JVC kd-sx 990. 8 character file name display, CBR only.
CPU: Old K7-750 Athlon (slot A)
Sound card: old Realtek (very noisy)

My big questions are:

  1. Is old 8x CDRW good enough for digital extraction? (though CDex has jitter correction)
  2. Does noisy sound card affect digital audio extraction? I tried a few tracks. But because of the noise, I could not tell if extraction was good or not good enough.
  3. Is quality setting 5 good enough? CDex has voice setting. Should I choose this instead?

Thank you in advance.



Personally I would be using Exact Audio Copy (EAC) to extract and convert. If your car player can handle it VBR would give you better quality conversions as well. If your Acer unit is not up to it, EAC will tell you.

The quality of tyour sound card has absolutely nothing to do with the extraction, its NOT involved anywhere in the process. Only use is playback.