Advice please on Blank Media


At the moment I am in the process of backing up some movies i have and was wondering what media you would suggest please.

I have a panasonic Dmr-E55. I bought some Ritek DvD-r but noticed every now and then watching the film on another player it would speed/slow down a scene. Not 100% noticable but I wasnt sure if that was the blank ritek fault or just a general recording glitch.

Also when ever i watch my recorded film I can see shadows in the back ground of the film like a signal from sky but even when i unplug sky they are sometimes there like lines or moving images/blocks.

Any thoughts or info please much appreciated and sorry if these questions have been asked before.

Two words for ya,

Taiyo Yuden!!!

Sounds like your Panny is getting some kind of interference that’s being recorded onto the disc.

its crosstalk from the video loopback in the SCART cable being recorded on the disks.
assuming you have a CRT tv with an intergral tuner you can cut pin 19 from one end of the SCART to TV and pin 20 off the other end of the same SCART cable. (the SCART cable will only work one way round then)

Thanks for the replies especially the crosstalk one cheers